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Purchased this queen knife today from a local gentleman

I have quite a few Queen knives but I'm not familiar with this one that I purchased today. The wood is exotic and the knife is marked as seen in the photos. All information would be appreciated...type of wood?, number made? When made? and reasonable fair market value?   thank you all for your help. Please address comments to my personal email address which is pithole@zoominternet.net  There is no damage or imperfections..this is reflection.…


Added by Don Neiman on February 11, 2017 at 16:31 — 7 Comments

Quite Unique and very limited

Handle material is quite often unique, beautiful and durable, or all three of these features, but I think the handle on this knife of mine "takes the cake" as far as uniqueness especially. The wood on this handle came from the bottom of one of the first oil wells drilled near my home over 140 years ago. Many of the wells were abandoned after the oil gave out and just recently within the past 5 or 10 years these wooden rods (called sucker rods), were removed from the average depth of 600 feet…


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Price and Value guides

I've been a collector of American antiques for over 65 years starting at about age 13. My main interests were mechanical items, American glass and stoneware, Indian relics, early timbering tools, pocket and sheath knives including firearms. I've always had a job since that age and would buy what my savings would let me. Along these many years of buying, selling and collecting, the first thing I realized that printed guides are just that, a guide which is better used for identification than…


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