My first Fallkniven arrived today three weeks after ordering , I start to worry when it gets above two weeks ! This is not a complaint about USPS as they managed to ship the knife 5,000 miles from Detroit Lakes to London in around six days. Our post office in the UK took fourteen days to cover 154 miles , which I could drive in around 3/4 hours even with London's traffic. Rant over so about the knife .

It is as I am sure you are aware a slipjoint , the only Falkniven without a blade lock apart from the fixed blades of course.  I have looked at this knife for a while now and only recently convinced myself to buy one . The problem is that in the UK this knife is towards the upper limit for me at £150 /$220 , I have a few Queen and GEC knives that I like a lot with two or three blades for $100/120 !  I bought this knife to try out the laminated 3G steel at 62 HRC I freely admit that I have no great need for a knife with such a hard steel but you know what it is like when you get the urge to try out something.

Isn't it a strange thing that in the US I could buy this knife cheaper than in Europe , it's strange because it is a Swedish company and they have the knife made in Japan . Well strange or not I have it now and first impressions are very positive. It is very smooth to open ,very nice walk and talk , no nail breaker as some GEC's have been but is reassuringly solid in the open position. No half stop but I am okay with that . I was expecting a very very sharp knife out of the box and it was sharp but not scary sharp. I must say it does have a beautifully ground edge , there is no need to reprofile this knife .  As I said it was sharp from out of the box but after a couple of strokes on the strop , now it is really sharp no need for the Edge Pro on this . It is a "gentlemans knife "in that the overall length is only 3.4 inch's with a blade length of 2.5 so I doubt you will be dressing out any Elk with it . I wish that I had a use for the F1 fixed blade because I think I could get to like Fallkniven's !

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Comment by John Bamford on August 5, 2016 at 0:51

Very Balanced view in my opinion Dale but as you say this is an area where people have strong views.

I remember well the tipping point for firearms in this country , if you Google Dunblane , a town in Scotland , the first entry is about the shooting and there was no doubt that handguns were finished in the UK at that moment.

The man was a nut case , I won't mention his name because he doesn't deserve to have one , and police incompetence allowed him to have firearms when he obviously should not have done .

You could tell by the mood of the country that it was a tipping point and there is no chance of reasoned argument now or in the future . The word Dunblane is all that most people would need to hear to finish any argument .

The knives situation is getting there now , even though a great deal of the violence is caused by kitchen knives in the hands of mentally unstable people . You can just feel that if the government said carrying of any knives at all was forbidden then most people would think that that was a good thing . Of course the criminal classes would ignore that law just the same as they do all laws .

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Comment by D ale on August 4, 2016 at 19:52


I assure you .. it is not boring !!

Depressing , perhaps. But, boring .. NO !!


In my country .. there exists another extreme. An extreme where it is SO0oo very simple to obtain a firearm. The actual legality of one's ability to own a firearm is essentially meaningless. e.g. Yes .. laws exist such that convicted felons (& some others) cannot legally own a firearm. However … the laws are essentially meaningless. i.e. .. if a felon is actually caught with a firearm .. penalties exist ..&.. they are enforced. That being said .. the felon caught with the firearm can readily replace the confiscated firearm within hours of obtaining his freedom .. which (period of actual loss of freedom) is all too often very short.


Personally .. I grew in a very rural community on a dairy farm under a father who was an avid sportsman. We hunted deer for food. We hunted fur bearing animals for their pelts ..&... the resulting cash income. I received my first .22 rifle for my 8th birthday .. which I still have. I now .. 51 yrs later .. own even more firearms. HOWEVER .. safety factors (which I consider essential to the ownership & use of firearms) were instilled in me & my siblings before ever being allowed to handle ..let alone own.. a firearm. It was known that “accidents” with firearms were literally deadly. Good marksmanship was “bragging rights”. If more than 2 shots were required to dispatch a game animal .. you prayed no one became aware of it. The high volume ammunition capacity of some of todays firearms were not even considered in the sporting arms of my youth. They would have been viewed with disdain.


In my country .. the issue of firearm ownership has become a VERY emotionally charged one. As is the case with such .. common sense is often void .. extreme views become the norm. Further, there currently seems to be no middle ground. It is truly a sad state of affairs. I would go so far as to state .. that in some instances .. gun ownership is considered a status symbol.


It is such an emotionally charged issue that I fully expect to receive negative critique for merely expressing this view. Seriously.


What I am truly afraid of .. is that if no middle ground is arrived at .. one extreme or the other will gain the majority support .. to the extreme loss of the opposing view.



Comment by John Bamford on August 4, 2016 at 7:19

All the news media over here make a big deal over stabbings Dale and as very few people have any interest in knives and the only ones they own are blunt kitchen knives it makes me fear for the future .

We only had two , I think , mass shootings in this country the last one was very bad in that some looney shot a lot of young children in a junior school . That was the end of hand guns in this country any other firearms are so heavily regulated that there would be little pleasure in ownership . The population as a whole have no experience of knives or firearms and I would guess 80/90% of people would be happy with banning all such things . Of course then you get into the situation that one person with a knife can terrorise a population who are disarmed . The stabbings in London yesterday would have been unlikely to have occurred in Texas I suspect !

Ah well I must try to stop writing about these things cos it must get boring listening to me droning on .

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Comment by D ale on August 4, 2016 at 5:29


Sorry about getting the comments out of order .. I notice a typo .. cut-n-paste .. correct typo .. 'n then repost.

The end result .. the posts "appear" out of order. Sorry about that.


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Comment by D ale on August 4, 2016 at 5:26

I've seen the news .. I get much of my news from the BBC ..as.. US based information sources are EXTREMELY biased. The BBC makes such a big deal out of the stabbings ..I mean.. it certainly isn't good ..but.. it's hardly a mass shooting !!!

In Memoriam
Comment by D ale on August 4, 2016 at 5:22

Might I caution .. first asking for a color that she might have but no longer uses (every girl  has one , is my experience) ..or.. going to the "dollar store" ..(NOTE: which might be unique to this side of the pond).. & purchasing a small bottle of fingernail polish .. some bizarre & therefor inexpensive color ..BEFORE.. raiding the cosmetic drawer. We've a saying on this side of the pond .. a happy wife is a happy life.

!!! .. Just trying to help .. !!!

I've heard good things about the EnZo brand .. I may give them a try.
"One handed operation" .. hence .. my love for auto's. If restrictions weren't so insane in the UK .. I could provide a button lock kit that is completely assembled using threaded fasteners ..&.. can be easily converted to a full auto. I've made one for my daughter & I've one in my daily EDC rotation. With a 47.63 mm (1.875") blade .. tis hardly offensive. BUT .. laws are laws.

Comment by John Bamford on August 4, 2016 at 5:20

You could well be right Dale , we have £ stores here , same thing I guess .

Brisa , who produce EnZo do kits as well , I did a trapper fixed blade last year and very nice it is too .

Auto's have been banned in this country since heaven knows when , along with a whole raft of other knives of course . There have been three stabbings in the last week it won't be long until knives are banned altogether here !

Comment by John Bamford on August 4, 2016 at 2:37

Thanks for the tip Dale I will have a raid on Sue's cosmetics drawer later !!

I started collecting because I saw a video of GEC knives being made on Youtube and was familiar with the traditional type of pocket knife but I am growing to appreciate more modern knives these day's. As you say there is added flexibility , curly birch replacement scales for my EnZo Birk might be good ! Also thumbstuds do make life easier if you are holding something that needs cutting , being able to pull out your knife and open with one hand is sometimes a great benefit .

In Memoriam
Comment by D ale on August 3, 2016 at 20:01


A dab of Sue's fingernail polish will do the trick ..as.. these threaded fasteners are not implemented in a high vibration environment / application. Place a "dab" on the end of the threaded fastener & the first few threads before inserting & tightening in place. It will be enough to insure they do not back out & get lost ..but.. are still easily removed when needed.


Knives assembled completely with threaded fasteners add so much flexibility. The make scale replacement easier. One can more easily control the tension on the blade .. during opening & closing .. etc.



Comment by John Bamford on August 3, 2016 at 6:36

You are right Dale they are T6 and I bought a good set of screwdrivers when I knew I was going to have a few modern screwed together knives.  I have taken the scales off the Falkniven and refinished them after that pic was taken because the finish was not as I would like it . It was okay but I thought I could improve it , and did ! There was no locking stuff on the threads and the scales came off fine .

The EnZo PK70 below I haven't taken apart yet as it has not had a lot of pocket time.

It's bigger brother however , my favourite knife , an EnZo Birk now that I have had apart for cleaning two or three times and that had no locking compound on that I could see . However I am glad you reminded me about it because I have been meaning to by some locking fluid to have around the place .

I do like that aspect of the newer knives it is nice to be able to strip and clean a knife if needed !!

PK70 and Birk75 below if you haven't tried one Dale then I really recommend them for very strong users .

Not as pretty as Fallkniven's I admit but if I was restricted to two knives I wouldn't be at all unhappy to stick with this pair !!

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