Hey everyone, hope all is well. My birthday is just around the corner and I have been itching to buy a new knife. Only this time around I am interested in buying a semi-custom folder. Right now I cannot make my mind up on which knife I would want to buy, a Strider SMF or a CRK Sebenza. Both knives have an outstanding track record an will cost me a lot of money (Almost $500, depending on which one I decide to get). I asked my best friend Eric who is the co-owner of my local knife shop, KnivesPlus which knife I should buy. Eric then asked me , "How do you plan on using the knife?" I told him that I would definitely use the knife because I strongly believe that a knife is a tool and should be used instead of collecting dust. Eric strongly dislikes Mick Strider because of his alleged false background and suggested that I should definitely buy the Sebenza because the Sebenza is known for it's rock solid performance and a “bank vault” feel. I totally agree with Eric about the amazing performance of the sebenza, but I have heard some pretty disturbing things about the CRK warranty. I've heard it's limited, because if the knife shows any form of abuse such as "flicking" the knife open, (which is classified as "abuse" according to Chris Reeve) the knife's warranty is voided. I feel that If I am going to spend $400 for a knife then the warranty should allow me to "flick" open the knife if I should choose to do so. Strider knives warranty is almost too good to be true stating that "We (Strider Knives Inc.) are responsible for the condition of EVERY knife that LEAVES our shop, regardless of what has been done by YOU. When the knife leaves here, and we have worked on it, we are responsible for it again." The only thing that prevents me from buying a strider is because of Mick Strider's past allegations. I don't know if any of the things said about Mr. Strider are true, and who am I to judge, it doesn't take away the fact that strider inc. produces some outstanding knives. Eric stated that there are two kinds of knife collectors. The ones who start collecting really expensive knives at first, realizes that knife collecting gets expensive real quick and they will eventually stop collecting knives. Then there's the knife collector who was heavily influenced by someone else that collected knives, so they started out small and bought inexpensive knives and as they learned more about knives, they gradually appreciated the value of a quality knife, so they don't mind paying more. I think that I'm at that stage in my knife collection where I don't mind spending a few more BONES for a knife that I know will perform. I'm sure every knife collector goes through this stage.

In the end I am sure I will go with a strider, which will be the most I have ever spent on a knife. How much money have you spent on a knife? How much is TOO much?

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Comment by Anthony G. on September 14, 2009 at 11:23
For a utility blade, which is what I gather you're after, I believe a Sebenza/Strider to be far too expensive. You can obtain folders with great steel and materials for much less (Spydie Para's/Millies, Benchmade, etc.). Additionally, if you want great semi-customs you can get a cKc Hiker and/or Bark River (wicked sharp, great performance, tough steel).

I am finding myself obtaining more knives and while I truly appreciate the Sebenzas and Striders, I cannot justify purchasing one yet. If I have a lot of extra cash and want a mantle piece, I would probably pick up a Sebenza. I would be afraid of scratching up and damaging the Sebenza and I wouldn't get the full use out of the blade anyway.

The way I see it, you're young and you want to use your knives. Leave the Sebenza/Strider for later when you have more cash.
Comment by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on September 13, 2009 at 11:54
Yeah Lee,

(2) good choices...even though I still need to get both the Strider would win out easy if given those choices. When I stand down in less than (6) months I'll be buying my share of custom Striders, Fitzens, etc...

As far as Mick Striders past transgressions I thought that was old news but, the past has a way of always haunting you. Regarding being a criminal...aren't we all...it's the convictions that seperates us from them...lol! Unless you're "Dudley Do-Right" like one of my associates...lmao!

Re: How much is too much? for me there's no price for security. I have a lot of Emerson Knives...you know you're gonna pay over $200.00 and up to $300.00 for an Emerson but, they're worth it. The most I paid for a knife was about $400.00 for a custom Warren Thomas...titanium/g-10 scales & titanium/carbon fibre hybrid blade...

Anyway, Happy Birthday and go for the Strider!!!

In Memoriam
Comment by Scott King on September 13, 2009 at 7:38
Hey Lee
Thanks for the post!

Two things- first, regarding custom Stiders- I bought me a few recently and like them a lot. I wanted them not to use but to collect- really cool blade grinds and materials (see my videos if you wish).

On how much is too much? Well, I'm one who adhere's to the "if you really like it, then find a way to get it" mentality.

If you were my son, I'd say- If you don't have the cash (defined as after having at least 3 months min. living expenses set aside in the bank for living on) then you can't afford it. Don't live off credit cards- if you can't pay it off in full that you'll be paying 18- 24% interest on that $400.

On the other hand, if decide you would sell some of your other knives to pay for it- then have at it! I'll reallocate "knife dollars" any day. My problem is I have a hard time deciding what to sell at that point. :)

You may know over in The Cove at usn many times you can trade, which may be an option for you.

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