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Another thrift store find, an old "Forgecraft Hi Carbon" kitchen knife, made from old sawmill band saw blades with maple handle; paid $7 for it.. Turns out that Forgecraft is a popular chef's knife and there is a thriving trade in used ones on Kitchen Knife Forums. Apparently the brand was owned by Washington Forge and they stopped using the brand name in the 60's, so this knife is at least that old. Also apparently there is a tang stamp chart somewhere but I haven't found it yet, it will help to date the knife when I find it. Hammer marks are still visible and stripes from the bandsaw blades are also visible, unfortunately that doesn't show well in the photos. I swiped it across my antique kitchen steel a couple of times and now it is definitely scary sharp.

I guess I'm on a roll, just purchased a Buck Slim Select 110, so I will be posting photos of that one soon too, here is my new kitchen weapon:

BTW: I have used this knife as my go to everyday kitchen knife for a few days now, and it is by far the best kitchen knife I own.

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Comment by Syd Carr on February 26, 2020 at 16:06

Thanks Jan, glad to be able to post photos again. Well, I love this knife, sharpens easily and holds it's edge. It also feels substantial in the hand and I love the hammer marks on it, which can be seen in the closeup photo, but what drew me to the knife more than that were the stripes on the blade, which I correctly assumed meant it was made out of some kind of tool steel, (Donny taught me well). Too bad those stripes don't show in the photos, maybe I'll try to take a photo outdoors to see if I can get them to show up. I should also mention that the maple handles not only feel good in the hand, the weight of them helps to make the knife feel well balanced. I only paid $7 because it was "25% Off" day, and I got a further 10% off because I'm an old guy. An all around win in my book.

Hmm, maybe I should find a sheath for it, I'll tell everybody it's a Bowie Knife, I'll tell them the hammer marks were made by Jim Bowie himself, (snicker)!!

Comment by Jan Carter on February 26, 2020 at 15:46

Now that is an EDC!  I am a sucker for a good kitchen knife and my hi carbons are some of my favorites.

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