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Looked in the mirror and realized I had a face again!!

No more mask mandates, so it's nice to actually see folks faces again isn't it?

However, collecting didn't stop and here are a couple of new ones. A Craftsman 95068 Stockman Buck clone and a Camillus Buck clone. I have been looking for a 300 Series look-alike Camillus for years, and though I had seen photos this is the first I've seen that looked exactly like the Buck 300 Series knives made by Camillus up to 1986. The Craftsman looks more like a Schrade knife to me, mainly from it's…


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Gone But Back With Bucks Of Course!

Been away for awhile, just got busy musically lately so have been a bit distracted with that after a 10 year absence, but of course collecting knives is still a passion, nothing has changed there. I have even lost track of all the knives I have gotten since my last post, but here are the knives I most recently got, there were a few others but I will post them when I get the chance. I have had a "thing" lately with Buck 310 Whittlers, (love 'em because they are rare and cool), and though they…


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Just a quickie!

Found this Camillus-made Buck #333 Toothpick SFO on the bay in a very poorly listed and photographed listing, watched it and ended up getting it for about half of what I paid for the other one I already had. Oh well, the more the better I guess.

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I'm out of control!

Here we go again, the first photo shows just what arrived today, but there are more coming, (egads!!). Two Buck #112 Slim Selects, (in different colors so I can color coordinate. Doesn't everybody do that?), a new Buck offering, a #891 Spear Point fixed blade with 5160 Spring Steel blade coated with ceramic Cerakote for durability and rust prevention, and comes with hand stitched tactical sheath. I don't usually buy fixed blades, but I have been more and more interested in them lately. I…


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It's Sawcut Delrin Day!!

Just got my second vaccine shot so gave myself permission to go on a binge. These arrived today: US made Schrade Old Timer #50T with very nice sawcut Delrin handles and original sheath, (3 3/4" closed), the sawcut handles are what attracted me, have never seen it on a lockblade. Also received a really nice Colonial lockblade, (do not know the model number), also with sawcut Delrin, SS blade, (4" closed), with original sheath. Bought this one because it is the first Colonial lockblade I have…


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Couple of last known Bucks and a Barlow

I just got two Bucks that are now discontinued, but I got them as the very last in stock at Copper and Clad. I had emailed Buck and asked if they were going to make either the #101 Folding Hunter Fixed Blade, or the #111 Folding Hunter again, (because I missed both when they did have them), and they said they had no plans to do so. I found that Copper and Clad had the #101 fixed blade, with one only left in stock, and they also had their exclusive #111 Folding Hunter with Sloped Bolsters,…


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Since the last time, maybe!

Here are my latest finds, a Camillus Marlin Spike without bolsters but with serrated blade, an SAK "Officers" model found at a local thrift store, and a Buck #813 Workman from 1993, (my daughter's birth year), with a double Maglite sheath and a small Maglite, (unfortunately not working, but a new digital one is on the way). The Marlin Spike is outwardly identical to a Buck #315 Yachtsman knife and is barely used if used at all, except this one has a serrated blade, which the Buck does not…


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Local hardware store sale!

The local hardware store had their annual sale this weekend, I didn't go to buy a knife, because usually I can get better prices online, but today was different. I found a Bear & Son #753 fixed blade which was priced at $27.99, (7-1/8" total length with 3-1/8" blade), but the sales guy said they have had that particular knife in the showcase for years and it's price hadn't been updated. So, with 20% off I ended up getting it for $22.39. Not bad for a USA knife of any kind. Now I'm not a…


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2014 Knives Celebrating Michael

If I didn't mention it before my daughter was born in 1993, and my grandson Michael was born in 2014. Therefore I collect knives made in those years, it's kinda like popcorn, once you start you can't stop. It's the main reason I collect knives in the first place, to pass them down like my dad did for me.

The newest 2014 arrivals are pictured below, a 2014 Buck #501, and a 2014 Case #10254 Large Trapper in smooth Black Canvas Laminate, which I like very much by the way. I already have…


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Camillus Museum Treasure

I have two other knives on the way, but this came in first so I'll share it first. This comes from a Facebook Camillus Collectors group member who lives in New York, and knows one of the former managers of Camillus, who now has a knife shop near the Camillus Museum. These Remington Bullet Knives were found in a box just prior to the auction, and his friend managed to grab the box among other things, including the already to install parts for these knives, (but without the engraving). He is…


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First Knife of 2021

I know that national chaos stops many things, but it doesn't stop a knifeaholic, at least not this one! In the mail box today, a Camillus Medium Stockman, (3.25" closed), with a box, (possibly generic), and appearing to be unused and NIB. Not a Buck, but I am bidding on a 310 Whittler at this moment, which I hope to win in a few days. Neither the box, the knife or seller's description mention or show a model number. However, every standard of expected quality of a NIB knife are there.…


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Last Blast For 2020.

Well, at least one thing went right in 2020, USPS just delivered this 1989 Buck #301 Stockman in Jigged Buck Bone. When I see one of these, especially in a model I don't have in BB, I bend backwards to see if I can snag it. Fortunately the seller was someone I purchased from before on the bay, and he had added a "Make An Offer" link to the listing, so I went for it. It was marked $45 BIN, which really isn't that bad, so I offered $35, he came back with $42, and I ended up getting it for $40…


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I Santafied Myself!

Case XX 6137 Pocket Worn Antique Bone Sodbuster Jr, the jig is Peachseed. Also got a Case XX 6318 Rough Black Medium Stockman with Rough Black scales, (ie; Gum Fuddy, indestructible). Though the Coping blade rubs on the Sheepsfoot blade leaving a scratch, I don't want to do a back & forth return during the holiday season, plus I am just going to use it anyway. I have a Case Seahorse Whittler with the same issue. What's up with Case 3-blade knives? Anyway, just wanted the Jr because it…


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Don't tell the Governor that I went junkin'!

I had to go to town today to drop off an Amazon return, and by golly found an open thrift store, (this is the first day of our new shutdown, so most businesses are closed). Apparently California considers thrift stores to be "essential" businesses, so I got to stop and walk through, masked and socially distanced of course. First find was an old Coleman Camp Stove I got for $10, you know, the old ones you have to fill with White Gas and pump up. Since Pacific Gas & Electric has threatened…


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And The Beat Goes on!

Here we go again! I already have two of these in perfect condition, so I found this slightly used version for cheap, (at least cheap for one of these), so I can use one as EDC. Buck #329 Trapper, (also known as "Freedom Trapper" when imprinted and in a gift tin). Needs a good cleaning as you can see, but after a few swipes on a steel and a strop it sharpened right up. This is the one and only yellow handled knife in my EDC rotation. I believe they were a special order, they came plain like…


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Catching up!

Well, I have of course been buying sharp things again and thought I would post all of my latest "finds".

First is a NIB Buck #757 Axe, made in Indonesia. I have always wanted a 100 Series Buck Axe, USA made, but those are getting hard to find and very pricey, so I got this NIB instead. It is 12" long with a 3" edge.

Next is a Buck #303, nice but relatively rare. It is the only Buck knife with a USA-made model number that was actually made in China, (no other models of the 300…


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Pandemic Boredom and a Credit Card = More Knives!

Had nothing better to do so I bought a couple more knives, Buck 300 Series naturally. No particular collector value, but I just liked them. First is a very nice 2002 Buck #310 Whittler, at 3" closed it is same size as a #309 Companion. I have a couple other of these and gave another away recently, so it is a frame that I like, and I think this one is the best of the bunch. The #310's are the best Whittlers I own, none of mine rub their blades and leave marks, not so with my Case Seahorse…


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Craftsman/Sears 95417 Stockman

I have been on a Craftsman jag lately, and wanted to get one of their clones of the Buck #303 Cadet, both being made by Camillus. This one is in good condition, just a few use scratches. Not sure of the kind of wood on the handles, but it is a hardwood. I compared it to a Camillus-made '72-'86 #303 Cadet. See any similarities? To me it's obvious, but I'll soon do a family photo of the few Craftsmans I have, in both Schrade and Camillus versions.…


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Finally a Buck Bone Toothpick and a Buck 300 Series SFO family portrait.

     Finally!! I've been looking for a Buck Bone version of this particular Buck SFO for years, and I was finally able to find and get one. The #333 California Toothpick in Genuine Jigged Bone handles, (Buck Bone). I found one a couple of years ago but couldn't afford it, so I just satisfied myself with the Stagalon version. After that I don't remember seeing a Buck Bone version for sale until just recently. Then all of a sudden this version is all over the place, so if you want one now is…


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A Very Cool Colonial Stockman

Here is a very nice, seemingly brand new Colonial Stockman that I snagged on the bay. It looked interesting in the photos, so I decided to go ahead and bid. Surprisingly no one else bid on it, mine was the only bid so I got it for what I consider a very good price. When it arrived I was happily surprised at it's size, (4" closed), and it's pristine condition, it looks like it was never used at all, with nary a scratch on any blade or handles. The blades are tight as can be with no wiggle and…


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