The local hardware store had their annual sale this weekend, I didn't go to buy a knife, because usually I can get better prices online, but today was different. I found a Bear & Son #753 fixed blade which was priced at $27.99, (7-1/8" total length with 3-1/8" blade), but the sales guy said they have had that particular knife in the showcase for years and it's price hadn't been updated. So, with 20% off I ended up getting it for $22.39. Not bad for a USA knife of any kind. Now I'm not a fan of B & S folders, their quality just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. I don't know why that is but I only ever bought a small B & S Stockman that I didn't like at all, none of the blades were centered, the blade grinds were uneven, in fact they all rubbed on an adjoining blade, and there were big gaps on the bone handles at the bolsters. I had bought it online or I would never have bought it had I seen it in person, but instead of going to the trouble of sending it back I gave it to my goddaughter who just happens to live in Alabama. She loved that it was made near where she lived so she put it in her cedar chest as a memento, so it worked out ok in the end. If my memory serves, I showed you and Donny that knife when I was at your place in 2016 Jan, then went to my goddaughter's place afterwards and left her that knife. This little knife, which shows a little corrosion on the brass handle pins because it sat in a glass case less than a mile from the ocean for several years before being bought, but I don't mind; I can clean that up easily. The only thing I didn't get was the box, but I bet it is in that showcase somewhere, so I'll go back in there next time I make a grocery run and get someone to look for it, (I wanted to get out of the crowd so didn't want to stop and look today, plus I had other shopping to do). I always go to the annual sale to stock up on things like light bulbs, (LED's of course), tools, (a new flush cutting cutter), disposable nitrile gloves, lamp sockets, etc, etc, but this time I added a knife to that pile. After sitting with it a while I got to liking it far more than I liked that little Stockman, it's very evenly sharp with a hollow grind, and a 440 SS blade with Stagalon handles, plus it came in a nice sheath. My opinion about B & S has risen a notch due to this little guy. It fits my hand well, yet takes up no more space than my Buck #112's in sheaths do on my belt, so I think I found a fixed blade suitable for EDC. So it was a good week, got a Covid test which came back negative and a new knife, so that made for a good week in my world. Cheers!

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