Couple of last known Bucks and a Barlow

I just got two Bucks that are now discontinued, but I got them as the very last in stock at Copper and Clad. I had emailed Buck and asked if they were going to make either the #101 Folding Hunter Fixed Blade, or the #111 Folding Hunter again, (because I missed both when they did have them), and they said they had no plans to do so. I found that Copper and Clad had the #101 fixed blade, with one only left in stock, and they also had their exclusive #111 Folding Hunter with Sloped Bolsters, Rosewood Handles, and Stone Washed Drop Point 420hc blade, with only one of those left in stock. I managed to get them both. I already have a #101 BCCI Club Annual Knife, with Swirled Carbon Fiber Handles and Satin S30v steel, but I wanted a "user" version so I looked for a "stock" model. They came with Crelicam Ebony Handles and regular 420hc steel, but they are now considered discontinued. Both came with "stock" Black Leather Sheaths. Being "exclusive" I got the very last Copper and Clad #111, so that's cool in it's own right.

 I also picked up a Craftsman Barlow off of the bay, mainly because I didn't have a Craftsman version yet, I got the one below in earlier this week. Not too bad condition considering it is carbon steel.

So, I got that addictive urge to buy new knives scratched, but my credit card ran away from home in the process, however I suspect it will come home when it gets hungry.

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Comment by Joe Vadala on January 3, 2024 at 17:25

Very nice !

Comment by Cap'n HOK on March 24, 2021 at 13:10

Them slanted bolsters are beautiful & that Barlow is a real beauty also! Nice finds! :-)

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