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At 18:07 on May 2, 2024, Rocky Howard said…

Thanks for the welcome Lars. I have collected,traded,bought and sold knives for as long as I can remember. But I never was a student of the history of all the makes and brands. I will certainly be tapping into the knowledge of the forum members. I have divested 99% of my "last" collection to my two son-in-laws and my three grandsons. But collecting is a hard habit to break.

At 9:01 on February 20, 2023, Marc-Olivier Sylvain said…

Hello Lars! thanks for your input i am new in the knife collection i am very interested to exchange with you guys !


At 22:15 on February 17, 2023, Charles Early said…

We moved there in 1999 from TN for work. I retired, and we moved back to TN to be close to family. My wife and loved McKinney too, although I think it was getting a little too big for me.

At 20:56 on February 17, 2023, Charles Early said…

Thanks, Lars Ray. I will have lots of questions..  

I noticed you reside in my old hometown.

At 20:47 on January 29, 2023, Derek said…

Thank you, those cutlass' are for one of my customers on the USS Bataan.  The chiefs mess gives these out for transfer gifts.   Where are you located at? I'm in Chesapeake VA.   If you sent me some knives to work on what would you want put on them?

At 14:32 on October 31, 2022, Kenneth Levin said…

Lars, apologies for the poor communication, had a lot going on lately.

Let's try and get together for a coffee soon.  Cheers,


At 1:31 on October 25, 2022, Ben Bamber said…

Really appreciate your note which came via email, I'll be following that up, perfect!

Owe you one!


At 8:40 on August 5, 2022, Kregg Galbreath said…

Hi Lars,

Thank you for welcoming me. Reading your bio, it looks like your into many different collectibles. I’m looking forward to learning from the community.

At 9:57 on July 31, 2022, Ben North said…

iKC exclusive reviews would be cool. We hope to be writing more stuff likr "How To Lose Your Knife In A  Bar" in the next few months. It is easy to get caught up in knife reviews and forget about ridiculous commentary on knife culture.

We will definitely be linking to threads here at iKC now that we have found it. There is a lot of great info tucked away here.

At 9:47 on July 30, 2022, Ben North said…

Ha ha. Thanks Lars. Much appreciated. Glad you enjoy NBK.  

I can't believe I just now found IKC. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks here, and I will definitely be spending some time here sipping whiskey and learning stuff.

At 8:27 on July 12, 2022, Heavy L said…

Thanks Lars, I see you're a collector of bayonets. I know nothing about bayonets, but have one that has been passed down to me. It's supposedly a Japanese bayonet from WWII (but you know how family war stories can be). I'll send you a pic sometime and maybe you can tell me a little about it.  

At 18:19 on May 9, 2022, Kenneth Levin said…

Got a few stories and it would be good to get together soon. This week and next are shot, family in town and then off to CA for a wedding.  Maybe the week of the 23rd.  I'll pack up a few intriguing items!

Ken 214-912-9909

At 21:57 on May 5, 2022, Kenneth Levin said…


Thanks for reaching out, yes we are very near each other, I actually work in Richardson! Al Mar was a good friend and so was the gentleman he sold hos company to as well.  Had some unique knives by Al, including one he personally scrimshawed with a rat! Love older Randalls, sadly sold about a dozen of t hem a few years back...like old Gerbers too. I go way back with Lynn Thompson from CS knives, probably 35 years or more.  We should try and get together in the next few weeks.  Cheers, KML

At 0:17 on April 22, 2022, James Pedigo said…

I really appreciate your help I bet your dead on I knew it wasn’t super old but I could tell it was well made the handle is antler for sure but it has no markings which seems odd for something made this well idk I gotta figure this picture thing out I have an old military (I think) knife I love to show you thank you again for the info 

At 19:37 on April 19, 2022, James Pedigo said…

Thank you sir my main problem was using the phone instead of a cpu I think idk but I do appreciate the warm welcome do you happen to know anything about that Bowie I posted is it real I mean

At 18:34 on January 30, 2022, Kevin D said…

Good evening Lars,

I tried to find a way to send this to you in a private message, but I could not find how.  (

I would be happy to throw a reply up on that thread that you shared a link to in your reply on my photo.

I will have to get a little nicer photo than the on I have though.  Your photos are really nice!

Thank you for sharing the new group with me.

Oh I did send you a friend request if you are so inclined to accept it.

Thanks again,


At 14:16 on January 19, 2022, Hank said…

Thanks!  I live outside Houston, so we are sorta neighbors.  I have become very interested in the history of the knives I have come across. I really appreciate that people that are much more knowledge about knives are willing to share on these forums. 

At 19:00 on December 13, 2021,

Thank you,  it's nice to be here. 

At 20:04 on November 16, 2021, Michael Due said…
Thanks for the welcome sir. Man it sure is hard to buy GEC knives. Been collecting Case for about 40 years, just getting into GEC. Looking to learn from folks.
At 17:11 on November 3, 2021, harry e karmun said…

thank you ! its an interesting site !

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