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At 14:27 on September 3, 2016, D ale said…

Thank you for the "friend request" , Mary. I genuinely hope & believe you are beginning to experience what I meant by ...   ...   ...   ...

"Indeed .. you will find a friendly & helpful community here .. unlike anywhere else I've found on the net. Should you need any assistance navigating or posting or anything relative to iKC .. just post the issue .. someone will step up to help."


...   ...   ...   ... in my original welcome aboard message.
Do enjoy

D ale

At 14:15 on September 3, 2016,
In Memoriam
John McCain

Mary- I'm so happy I could assist in connecting you up with Peter on your Lucky* Star knife. If I can aid in identifying or valuing any of your late husband's other knives let me know. You can ask a question at the link below directly as that is sort of what I do around here- LOL, or you can always shoot me a private message- Very happy to be your friend here at IKC !!


At 14:43 on August 29, 2016, Steve Scheuerman (Manx) said…

Hey there, Mary! Welcome to iKnife! Come on in, kick back and check things out. There's some handy tips on our front page to help you find your way around, and some fantastic people in the Chat room if you have any questions or want to shoot the breeze. Site rules are also on the main page, and if you get creative, you can customise your My Page to suit your own style! Hope you enjoy your stay with us! Great to have you on board!

At 10:11 on August 27, 2016, D ale said…


If you click on the "Contact Skye Knives" line .. it will take you to where I obtained the info.

D ale

At 10:09 on August 27, 2016, D ale said…

Mary .. this may be who it is .. the J.C. could very well be the owner's initials .. while his Co. name is Skye Knives. An actual pic of the markings on the blade would be most helpful .. for any knife you may be tryig to find info on.

Contact Skye Knives

Owner: Jake Cleland
Glendale, Isle of Skye, IV55 8WY

Email skyeknives@btinternet.com
Phone 01470511313
Website knifemaker.co.uk
At 8:19 on August 27, 2016, D ale said…

Welcome to iKC , Mary.
My sincere condolences on the loss of your husband !!


Indeed .. you will find a friendly & helpful community here .. unlike anywhere else I've found on the net. Should you need any assistance navigating or posting or anything relative to iKC .. just post the issue .. someone will step up to help.


Your husband knew what he was doing by NOT storing a knife in it's sheath. It can & will cause oxidation of the enclosed metal surfaces.


The "stamping" found on most knives is the most helpful factor when determining ..well.. pretty much anything about a knife. Should you need help identifying a knife .. a clear pic of the stamping will facilitate one of us providing assistance.


I do hope you may enjoy the day.

D ale

At 7:25 on August 27, 2016, Andy Moon said…

Hi Mary - 

My sincere condolences on your loss. 

You have chosen a great community to join to learn about your husband's knives. The people here are respectful and kind and are just good people, not something easy to find on the internet nowadays. 

I can imagine it is very hard for you to go through the cataloging of your beloved's items. 

This should be a reminder for all of us that are lucky to have the time to catalog our collections for our loved ones who will someday have to determine what to do with our collections. 

I keep a spreadsheet inventory on my computer desktop of my knife and gun collections so that Maggie will have an idea of the worth of the items and an inventory to work with when/if she needs to sell the items. 

Good luck, Mary, and don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. 

very best regards 

mqqn (Andy) 

At 22:01 on August 26, 2016, Billy Oneale said…
Welcome to iKC!
At 21:27 on August 26, 2016, Mary White Kennedy said…
Thank you so much. I appreciate how kind everyone has been.

I felt very close to my husband today as I cataloged each knife. I never paid much attention to this hobby but as I search on the Internet (better logo, description, history, and name), I am finding that many of these knife craftsman had great stories. It's allowed me time to honor my husbands passion for artisan knife makers.

The cataloging is time consuming but I counted - over - 27 knives without adding in the folding Pocket knives.

Most of the knives have matching sheaths because my husband put the knife makers name on a small piece of paper inside the sheath. I do remember him telling me that he never kept the knives in the sheath because somehow the leather could damage the blade so each knife was wrapped in like a cheese cloth (it's not cheese cloth but like a workman's cloth) material to protect it and stored in an air tight container.

Charles did not buy the knives for an investment but for the beauty of the work. Now I am able to appreciate both.

I do not know mr Mayberry.

Thanks again.

At 20:01 on August 26, 2016,
Jeremy B. Buchanan

Mary - Let us know if we can help in anyway. There are a lot of great people here who are more than willing to help you out. I know a fella from your area. I know it's a long shot, but do you happen to know Charles Mayberry?

Sorry for you loss.

Be blessed,


At 19:57 on August 26, 2016,
Jeremy B. Buchanan

At 19:27 on August 26, 2016, J.J. Smith III said…

At 14:37 on August 26, 2016,
Charles Sample

Welcome to iKC Mary!

At 12:25 on August 26, 2016, John Bamford said…

Welcome to iKC Mary .

At 9:17 on August 26, 2016, Jan Carter said…


I am very sorry for your loss.  You can place some pics up here and we can help you identify if you would like and we have an area to sell also if you chose.  It is here

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