where is a good place to sell a smith and Wesson sw1600 off knife? I have 2 of them and want to sell one. It's still new in box. Thanks

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Comment by Darin Person on December 9, 2022 at 15:45
Thanks, I think I'll see how it does on Ebay..I appreciate the info
Comment by Lars Ray on December 9, 2022 at 14:58

Hi Darin - 

A S&W 1600 eh? New you say? Sweet! 

If you want to promote it here on iKC, go to the Forum link on the Knife Collector menu bar above and go to the Knives For Sale forum.


Do a great write up and fab photos and see who within iKC will engage you. If / when you are engaged, it is best not to negotiate your terms on the actual public forum, but rather take it off line, one on one with your buyer. Once someone engages you, you can work out contact info, or do a Friend invite and use the iKC email. 

If not listed here on iKC, there are the usual routes; Ebay of course, Etsy (if vintage...otherwise you'll have to figure out a work around, like sell it with a knife display that you made), or any other similar type market place. 

Some iKCers have had pretty good success with private auction houses - but I do not have any experience with that.

There are also a handful of Knife consignment dealers on line that seem to do a nice business...you may want to consider one or more of them if you're not in a hurry.

I myself have been pretty successful at selling my knives when I need to on Craig's list. I make my description very specific, full disclosure, declare that it's cash only - no checks or money orders, and that I do not ship. I have sold 8 large knives this way without issue.

I hope this helps - 

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