HI all,

After 3 years in the making...
THE TRITON II will debut at the Blade Show on June 6th, 2014.

There are 3 tiers to this Triton, a base model Aluminum model Triton, what some in the industry call a Mid-tech. All the parts are made by Randy Phillips, Arthur Guzzo and myself, except for the blade grinding, which will be ground in Washington state. This will lower the price by a 30% putting it under $1000.

The next level will be essentially the same as above but a hand ground Damascus or high end Stainless steel blade. Inlays, and various other accoutrements are available. Fully custom and customizable to your desires.
These will start around $1500.

The 3rd tier will begin as my base model Triton always has. 416ss frames, 
CPM 154 blade. The sky is the limit past that. Base price is $2300.

Figuring out this knife has taken me 3 years, literally. Every machine part, every specialized screw, is of the highest quality. A mechanism of this sort has never been in a knife. The few that have seen it have all said "This is going to change everything"... o.k. end of my shameful plug...

I am working with Arthur Guzzo and Randy Phillips, (of HARDCORE Grinder Products and a knifemaker of 30+ years). Our collaboration will be know as "Harkins Hardcore KnifeWerks" (HHK). We will also be working with a host of some of the best knifemakers we know.

The reasoning behind this is to keep these knives all custom. So after we've spoken with who we believe to be the best knife makers/grinders, we'll send out 10 blade blanks for them to grind. As the blades are completely inter-changeable you could have a Triton with 3 different blades ground by your favorite knifemakers. I'll still be grinding as well.

Something of a knife grinding network.
We will be at table 27C. 

I believe we missed the show flyer but we may be shown as "Harkins Hardcore KnifeWerks".

We will have a 2 foot long version on display. This will be the first of an annual table display model. One per year will be made for the Blade Show, and will be available for purchase on Sunday. (via bidding system)

Thanks to everyone for their interest and PATIENCE.

Best regards,