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Any other vintage collectors of Parkers, American Blade, Taylor, United Boker, Frost, or STAR brands out there? 

Am far from an expert on these brands, but I do own a few!  I typically have gone "straight to the horses mouth", with many of my questions answered by Buzz Parker.  Have another friend, who I would consider experienced with '80s SEKI produced brands.  Drop me  line, or a question anytime please!  Thanks.


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*Taylor Cutlery 1980s 3-3/4" One Armed Razor Lockblade, New Old Stock, Long Pull. Handles are two different color bone, Smooth Bone & Appaloosa Bone, Nickel Silver bolster/brass liners/pins.

like the uniqueness of two different bone colors on this O.A.R. by Taylor

Parker  1980s - 4-1/4" Clasp, white micarta scales, Double-Pull blade etched "The Little Bandit Racoon", tang stamped 'Parker Cut. Co.'

I like a double pull and the racoon is great etch!

hey leo, the pleasure is mine.

Hello to everyone. I am a Japanese knife collector residing in NY. Please allow me to introduce myself and contribute to this thread. My main collection are Hattori knives, both under his own brand and the countless OEM models he made for companies like Browning, Beretta, Kershaw, SOG, Valor, Tekna, etc. Ichiroh Hattori (age 76) is one of the very notable mebers of the Seki Cutlery Association, a group of knifemakers and manufacturers, Seki City, located in Gifu Prefecture is the most prominent cutlery center in Japan. Others such as Tsubame City in Niigata Prefecture and Osafue in Wakayama prefecture are less known outside of Japan. Seki's cutery history goes back some 800 years when a number of swordsmiths settled there, such as Kanemoto Magoroku. The reason that Seki is well known globally is that it is the only Japanese cutlery city to have become famous as Solingen in Germany or Sheffield in the UK has. Seki's entry into the global market as an OEM maufacturer may have started with the Gerber contract with Sakai Cutlery (now G.Sakai) to produce a folding knife called the "Silver Knight" sometime around 1977. Some say that it was designed by Gerber's designer at the time, Al Mar. And that , Al Mar's long standing relationship with G.Sakai started back then. The success of the Silver Knight brought one OEM contract after another to the Seki knifemakers from the top Knife Companies to obscure US knife importers, Parker did go into a joint ownership with Seizo Imai in the mid 1980s to produce the Parker-Imai line of knives. When that ended, Mr Imai became a dedicated custom maker for a couple of decades thereafter and he passed away last year in 2014, Parker also contracted with Tak Fukuta as well during that time. Fukuta made most of AG Russell's Seki knives for many years, While the OEM contracts today are far less than they use to be, mainly because of their customers switching to Taiwan and China, some of the production knives considered the "best" are stil made in Seki. All of Fallknieven's fixed blades are made by Hattori, as are Cold Steel's top SanMai3 models. Fallkniven's folders, as well as some William Henry folders are made by Moki (and final grind by Kikuo Matsuda).SOG's top folders, as well as Spyderco's Seki models and Al Mars are made by G.Sakai, As you can see Seki is still an active participant in the outdoor knife industry, 



Thank you!  This information is invaluable and brings the discussion to a whole new level of understanding.  It would be an honor to see some of your knives also 

Thank's for the info Ken really interesting particularly as I have just bought a Fallkniven folder and I am thinking that I may need more of them . 

Thank you everyone.Jan, I have too much stuff and hopefully I'll get around to posting photos, but in he meantime for now some of my "about 4 inch" fixed blades - all made by Ichiro Hattori.

Beretta 201 Loveless Drop Point 8A/Quince               Falkniven F1 VG10 Laminate

Hattori HT-05 Dream Hunter 8A/Micarta                     Hattori H-700 8A/Mahogany

Hattori KD30-HT70 Cowry-X Damascus/coco             Hattori HT-70 VG10 Laminate/Micarta

Valor 359 Loveless Drop Point 8A/coco                     Fallkniven NL5 Idun VG10 Lam/Stacked Leather 

Serial #0052 etched "Hand made by Ichiroh"

Some real beauties there Ken , that Cowry-X does look good and I really like the Idun oh and the F1 and and.........!

wonderful knives Ken.  great pieces all.  thanks for sharing your vast Japan knife knowledge with us.  Tak Fukuta is one knife maker I am familiar with.  stop back and visit us anytime Ken.


Each of these is a fine example of Seki built beauty.  I am assuming the Fallkniven cowry X is also made by Ichiro Hattori.  I do not beleive there are alt of folks that can master that steel

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