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Measures that may be brought in later in the year mean that although we will be able to buy knives online they will need to be collected from the retailer personally?

Now I haven't bought a knife from Greg at TSA for a while mostly because I have been spending my money on straight razors. Also, the £ has dropped 20% since Brexit was announced which makes purchases from the States just too expensive with shipping and taxes.

This proposed legislation, however, means that I would have to travel to Detroit Lakes, so that Greg could check that I am over 18, and pick up my purchases in person. That could make the next GEC rather too much trouble, I guess that is the point!


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Due to a rash of very negative comments from the knife community (who likes being called a Coward??) they have pulled the social media post showing that box...LOL. And according to the article, they are even asking folks to throw out some of their kitchen knives! 

I did enjoy some of those negative comments Manx. The powers that be at least here in the UK are more concerned with being seen to be doing something rather than thinking of ways to stop criminal behaviour. So these bins are dotted around the place and various strange people hand in kitchen knives and heaven knows what else. This to the gullible appears a good thing," getting knives off the streets" therefore avoiding others being murdered !!!

It seems to sound plausible to a lot of my countrymen who would be quite taken aback to think that anyone would disagree with this aim. It is better to never overestimate the intelligence of the Great British Public, who now know very little about knives and instinctively distrust anyone who "carries a knife".

I have seen a number of police "reality" shows based out of the US, Canada and the UK, and the one thing I notice is that most knife crimes are being committed with kitchen knives and machetes. The easiest and cheapest knives available. It seems like a losing battle trying to eradicate knives when they are so easy to obtain from any department store or home kitchen. Picking on the folders and collector knives strikes me as pointless. From the look of things, most thugs can't afford a "real" knife. Restricting knife shipments to residents is like closing the gate after the cows got out. Anyone and their dog can go to a store and buy a paring knife, or a whole arsenal in a box (kitchen knife set) without ID or license or what-have-you. Must admit, I do not see the logic behind what they are trying to accomplish. 

Very well put Manx it's just as you say.

Many governments have taken the old adage "perception is everything" to heart.  They have just forgotten how to use real common sense

Man this is just st so stupid. Governments refuse to admit that they are the problem. They always start out with good intentions but when stuff gets all fouled up they can't admit they've just made stuff worse.
What I want to know is how a "16 year old" has a credit or debit card to order ANYTHING online.
I thought you had to be at least 18 to get either.

Good read!

Heinnie Haynes’ Response to the Home Secretary’s Announcement

On July 18th, 2017, the Home Secretary announced her intention to tighten the law in order to stop under 18s being able to purchase knives. The proposed measures would mean anyone who bought a knife online would be required to collect it in person, with retailers responsible for checking the age of all buyers.

These measures, if enacted, would of course have a huge impact on our business. Heinnie Haynes® is the UK’s largest online retailer of knives and their accessories.

We’ve been trading online since 1996, and from the beginning, we’ve taken our social responsibility extremely seriously. When you’ve shopped with us, you’ll have noticed that we won’t sell a knife to anyone under the age of 18 years. We check out ages by reference to a number of sources, or by asking the customer to supply us with proof of age. This means that we have to occasionally turn away orders. We will not sell a knife to any person aged under 18.

The new offences would mean knives “could no longer be delivered to private property, making it harder for underage sales to go undetected”. Clearly, this would have an impact on us as an online business. Unless every customer was able to make the trek to the hallowed corner of a Barry industrial estate that is the home of Heinnie Haynes, our sales of knives would effectively cease overnight.

We are concerned that the proposed new offences will do little to curb the sale of knives to the under-18’s. We’ve seen over the years that the requirement for face-to-face age verification is not a panacea for the legal sale of knives. It is already illegal to sell most knives to under 18’s, but test purchases by Trading Standards, as well as the Met’s Operation Sceptre show that despite the current law prohibiting sale, it’s still possible for children to purchase knives in “bricks & mortar” stores. By making “bricks & mortar” the only channel for purchasing a knife will not solve the problem.

By removing the UK’s online knife market, the government is unlikely to stop citizens buying knives online. We recognise that it’s entirely possible for an individual to purchase knives from overseas and import them into the UK themselves.  Any new law will not impact the ability to ship into the UK of those companies based overseas.

Here at Heinnie Haynes, we’re fortunate to be able to handle some of the most sought-after knives available to the collector and the outdoorsman. Our range is vast, and is made possible by our ability to send our products around the UK. It is simply not practical to expect this range to be available in a single store, or chain, which is available to the majority of the UK population to visit in person.

We welcome and support the efforts of the UK government to control the scourge that is knife crime, which has no place in our society. However, we contend that banning the sale of knives online would only serve to drive sales underground.

There are several ways in which knife sales online can be regulated, and we offer our support to the Government in working on new legislation that would prevent the sale of knives to minors without preventing the legitimate sale of knives to the collector, the outdoorsman and serious customer.

If you have a point of view on this matter, we’d be grateful if you could channel your energy into contacting your local MP, who is best placed to pass your view on to the Home Secretary. You can find your MP using this link:


Heinnie Haynes
July 2017


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