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 As you can see by the title I'm not a serrated edge knife fan. I can see having a serrated knife to use for slicing bread but as for other uses. No thanks I'll pass.

 I remember when the Ginsu knives came out...  never needs sharpening..... Uhuh.... :(  My Wife wanted a set so bad and I refused. She had a set of the old type kitchen knives that worked very well, held an edge and were easy to sharpen.

 Her sisters husband bought her sister a set of the Ginsu knives and she always asked my wife when I was going to buy her a set. Over time those never need sharpening Ginsu's got dull and got tossed in the drawer to be never used again.

  My wife and I split many years later and she took those kitchen knives we had with her and ya know what they are still in use in her kitchen today.

 I see a lot of the survival knives that have a third to a half of the blade serrated and I have three knives that have anywhere from 2/3's of the blade to 1/3 of the blade serrated and there seems to be a lot of the pocket knives with serrated edges.......  I ask why?...... It is it some kind of fad? or are the serrated edged knives really useful?

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No thanks. If I need a saw, I will grab a saw. I see little use for serrations on a working knife unless you have a job that requires it.

Just celebrated 37 years with the same woman. She has a Ginsu, that she bought before we married, and still uses it.

That being said, I don't care for serrations on knives either.

I am not a fan of them myself. 1) I cannot sharpen them 2) I love a good clean grind

I hear they are good for cutting rope , not something I feel the need to do on a regular basis !
We have a Kitchen Devil knife that is used as a bread knife , it's older than God's dog but Sue likes it .

I've never understood the appeal.

I remember .. for awhile , anyway .. they were marketed to the "rescue" people for cutting seat belts.

Well .. a sharp knife will do that. At least .. mine will.

They are an absolute pain to sharpen.

And .. like John .. I've heard they're good at cutting rope.

But .. so is a sharp knife.

The FEW I have were gifted to me. I've never purchased one ..nor.. do I plan to.

I have just one,,, It,s a half blade half serrated, I can,t  remember when I last used it. I never was a big fan of them.

 I think that maybe manifactures are trying to push the idea of a dual purpose blade and therefore the reason for the half blade half serrated knives.. Me thinks its a bad idea

 While I own a few knives with serrations , I'm not a big fan either , so a couple never get carried

and an the other one occasionally gets carried , but only when I want big folder &

because it's partially serrated.

Knives with serrations are better for tearing than for cutting, most of the time anyway.  I was more into knives with partial serrated edges when I first got into knives as a hobby.  Frankly they seem to work better than plain edges when needing to cut into plastic, especially plastic bags.  

I'm with the sentiment here, I've largely weaned myself from knives with serrated edges.  There are a few exceptions, however.  I have an Ontario RAT-1 folder with a partially serrated edge that a friend gifted to me -- sometimes I use it for some pretty rough work around the house (including prepping plaster walls for painting); the serrated portion has mostly been used for getting into plastic bags, like the one holding drop cloths.

I have a Cold Steel Vaquero with a fully serrated blade.  That poor thing has seen some really rough use, mostly lawn & garden use (the serrations at the tip are excellent for cutting weed roots).  It has been a pain to sharpen (& to even repair the edge), but it's still with me.

And my favorite multi-tool, the Leatherman Charge, also has a serrated blade.  I didn't buy it for this blade, but it has also served in the plastic-cutting function, and has performed a number of prunings (though not weeding, I save that for the Vaquero or my recently acquired Oxo Hori Hori (which also has one serrated blade on it)).  The Charge also has a plain blade (154CM!), as well as a saw blade -- many tasks around the house & yard are covered by this incredible tool.

I never thought about using a knife with the serrated edge for anything except in the kitchen. I never bought any and really did not give them a second thought until I sat down and really looked at the knives I had collected over the years, that were just thrown in the unused knife drawer. 

  I have went thru the collection and come up with several of give away's and they are already gone. All had a serrated blade on them. I kept 4 of them as they interested me in the design of the knife over all. I probably need to give more thought the the serrated edge knives. However I lean very much to the strait edge carbon steel knives and lockbacks are still my favorites. 

A friend of mine posted on FB recently a nice looking knife and asked about serrations. I'm personally not a fan as I feel they do not provide a clean cut. I have bought a couple in my day and only use one. It is in my mud room and I use it for yard work. Nasty little thing it is. If I were in war, a nasty serration would be great for tearing out the innards of an enemy. I just don't see much use for them on the day to day.

I worked as an electrician for most of my life. I always carried a knife that partially serrated. I didn't have the time to spend sharpening a knife as often as I do now.  No matter how dull the main edge got, the serrated part was always good for cutting rope, heavy layers of tape or stripping wire. Now that I'm retired I don't carry a serrated blade, but back then I wouldn't have carried anything else.

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