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Just a few of my trappers, Case of course...


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Here's a family portrait of some Case mini trappers I've acquired with the caplifter secondary blade.  1 in amber bone, 1 in yellow synthetic, 1 in patriot kirinite and 1 in lava kirinite with Harley Davidson embellishment.

Thanks Andy, not impressive enough for me, (at least not quite yet). I'll get the final model, #334 Millennium Trapper eventually, then it will be a REAL family photo. It's funny, seems like my favorite knife at any given time is always one that I don't have yet, guess that's the addictive part of this "hobby" of knife collecting.

Andy Larrison said:

Syd Carr said:

Impressive family of trappers you have there Syd!

Here is a family photo of all but one of the Buck Trappers, (#334 Millenium Trapper is the one model missing in this photo). All Buck trappers were made by Camillus. The #329 in Smooth Yellow Delrin is my latest acquisition. I hope to add a #334 to this family soon. Top L-R: #311 Slimline Trapper, #314 Trapper, bottom L-R: #312 Mini Trapper, #329 Trapper.

Wow Doug! Nice assembly of Schrade trappers. Speechless.

Doug Webber said:

Doug Webber said:

Jan Carter said:


I have to ask the obvious, tell me about the cigar box???
Doug Webber said:

Thought I'd post some of my Schrade trapper

In 2003-04 Schrade released their Cigar Box Classics. 4 knives..4-1/8 Trapper, Peanut, 3-9/16 Stockman and a Muskrat. for this collection they brought back the Schrade Walden tang stamp which had not been used since 1973. There was a set in Brown jigged bone, (picture below...I know this is a forum for trappers, but you asked about the Cigar boxes) Green bone and a set in Blue rope jigged bone. The Blue bones were to have been part of Schrades 100 year Anniversary knives and are the most rare. Due to the bankruptcy very few of the anniversary knives were ever released, or for that matter even assembled.  Prior to the bankruptcy Schrade was assembling whatever they had parts for in an effort to beat the bank. There are quite a few of these knives around that are missing shields or blade etchings that I call "unfinished". Beautiful bone handled knives, just not assembled as originally intended.  The Blue bone and Green bone that I have are of the "unfinished variety.  

I do have their 80th Anniversary Trapper and the 1982 NKCA trapper

Nice knives, guys.

I agree there is some special knives in this group

How about a slimline trapper with mammoth scales?  Got this beauty on a trade with one of my knife buddies.

Frost Cutlery Trapper

Here is my newest Trapper, Buck #334 Millennium Trapper in Genuine Stag. This is a limited edition, serialized version, (look closely at the bolster); one of "Chuck's Bucks". These were a 2000 Camillus-build using their tried & true Jumbo Trapper frame made famous by their "American Wildlife Series" of folders. This one is NIB in completely unused condition.

Very nice Syd!

Thanks Charles, it is a BIG 'ol knife, 5" closed. This is the scarcest version of this model out there, and I have yet to get the "regular" #334 w/ Smooth Black Delrin handles and no engraving, but this one popped up so I grabbed it. The regular version comes up for sale more often than this version so I'll get one of those eventually too.

Charles Sample said:

Very nice Syd!

Now that's quite the honkin trapper you've got there Syd.  I like that it's got the lanyard hole in it too.  Very nice indeed.

Yup, just like their Camillus cousins. Definitely fills the hand.

Andy Larrison said:

Now that's quite the honkin trapper you've got there Syd.  I like that it's got the lanyard hole in it too.  Very nice indeed.


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