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I know this isn't a knife, but it's a trimmer and I thought maybe some folks in here might have some information on it. 

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I don't know a lot about these but see a lot of them on Ebay over here in the UK , they don't sell for a lot of money here .

Some info here 


They were originally an early version of a safety razor , the toothed design is to stop the razor cutting the skin .

They used disposable blades which could be sharpened a few times , I believe these blades are hard to find now .

I have just checked on Ebay and the last few over here didn't sell at all , though I believe the gold plated jobs are collectable .

They are often advertised as hair trimmers and indeed durham duplex do a version now that is sold as a pet trimmer , the firm is still in business selling various industrial blades .

I cannot add anything to John's information.  Although not a knife, it is a beauty of a sharp object!

More great info! Thanks guys. I wasn't really interested in buying this, just thought it cool and wanted some history.

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