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We're talkin' patterns here in this group, have we talked about Case Russlock yet?

I own two, a "Rough Black" with standard SS clip blade, and a Second Cut Crimson Bone w/ a SS drop point blade, (my fave so far). The Rough Black series is a re-issue of Case's nearly indestructible, and famous, WWII synthetic handle material referred to by GI's as "Gum Fuddy".

Personally, I think this pattern is more of a leap forward in knife design than any of the modern "tactical" knives so popular nowadays, and I hope that Case expands it. I also hope they enlarge the pattern sometime in the future, making the actual knife itself, not including the opening lever around 4". They bill the knife as "4 1/4" closed, but that measurement includes the opening lever, the actual size of the handles is 3 5/8". If it were a little larger it would fit my hand better, but other than that both of these knives are superbly made, and definitely have a lot of "cool factor" going for them. I've finally mastered my one-handed opening technique, and I carry both knives in belt sheaths, (the lever can be a bit "pokey" in the pocket). I found they fit in Case's horizontal sheaths perfectly, and I found the other sheath on feebay, it fits the Russlocks perfectly too. Hopefully these two won't be my last Russlocks

Here are mine. If you've got 'em let's see 'em!!

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A couple of nice knives and sheaths Syd!  I don't have a Russlock but I need to get one.  I collect Case knives.

Don't have a Russlock, yet, but between the 2, I'm partial to the droppoint.

I like the drop point too. It actually looks menacing when open in your hand; big 'ol blade. I should mention that fit & finish on both was great, no gaps, smooth transition between handle & bolster, & tight, centered, sharp blades. It takes a while to get the one-handed opening thing going, but once you've figured it out it's a breeze.

I hope this inspires you to go out and get yourself a Russlock, they are a bit costy, (like most Case knives), but you can get a Rough Black for around, or just under $40. I think my next will be yellow comp w/ a pocket clip, but there are so many different versions available it's hard to decide which to get next.

I'll include a photo of them in the fully open position.

I hope to see some photos from other members of their Russlocks.

Thanks Llantz. I think they are overlooked by many "traditionalists", but I think they are a natural evolution of traditional patterns. Hope to see examples of the many different varieties of Russlock posted here eventually.

l.lantz said:

Those look awesome,Syd!!!

Too bad they don't make the Gumfuddy with the droppoint.

Agreed. They make a few different frames with Gum Fuddy, (or this modern equivalent), but only offer the clip on the Russlocks in that "Rough Black" series. My dad had a genuine Gum Fuddy Case jack knife that he carried during WWII, but my brother got that one when he passed. That handle was concocted by Case from various available petroleum by-products to replace other handle materials that were deemed vital to the war effort, and therefore unavailable for knife production. At the time, knives with Gum Fuddy handles were considered "cheap", but now the originals are few, far between, and very collectible. Because Gum Fuddy is supposed to be nearly indestructible I use that knife more often than the other as I don't worry about ever damaging the handle, but I like the look of the drop point the best.

J.J. Smith III said:

Too bad they don't make the Gumfuddy with the droppoint.

Just set out my Drop Point Second Cut Crimson Bone Russlock, (see photos above), as one of my EDC's for the week. I always carry at least one lock blade knife with me, and this week this one will be by my side. It will accompany a newly acquired #6233 Case Working Pen Knife in Jigged Brown Delrin I'm carrying in my watch pocket this week, but that one is for another discussion.

Anyone else have a Russlock to show? Post a photo and you get a ticket in the newest IKC contest: http://iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/2015-december-contest-a-one...

one of my Case Russ locks.  6.5 bone stag


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