I have recently had an interest in learning about the equipment needed for surviving in a Bug Out situation. In learning the proper tools and equipment to have, I have also started backpacking and tent camping some. More recently, I started having an interest in bushcraft. What I have found is, there are a lot of similar tools required in each of these, especially having a decent knife. I would love to hear what any of you think about the mix of these different activities. I am still learning and having fun as I do so. I got several items for Christmas that will be used in a combination of these activities. Here are the items I got.

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This looks light weight and easy to carry. Cant wait to see how it works out for you

Well, I haven't had a chance to try out the stove and stand yet, but I did finally get the denatured alcohol, so it shouldn't be long. However, I was able to make it to the woods finally. I went on an overnight camping trip with some fellow Ohioans. I got to meet up with and camp with some great guys. These are a couple of guys I met on Facebook and finally got to meet in person. We were able to go on a 3 mile hike, eat some good food, cooked over a campfire and hang out in the woods for a while. Here are a few pics from the trip. I even got to start carving a spoon (hopefully will finish it soon). The young fella (Damien) the pics, was carrying his own SOG, Seal pup. 

Sure looks like that was a fun camp!

Great photos Jeremy. Great to see the boy getting an early start. Nothing like a camp fire to set the mind free.

Jan and John - It was a lot of fun. I need to do it more often. 

Today I made a new item for my bushcraft kit. This is a hobo fishing kit. I still need to get some fishing line and a small bobber that will fit in it. 

Great idea Jeremy! Perhaps a smaller cork would make a durable bobber? Would like to see more photos when its done.


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