The time has come to start the discussion on the 2014 iKC knife.  

I would again like to shoot for August/Sept delivery date.  Something to remember while we talk about this is that a short run of only 50 or so knives means we need to tie in with a maker that is already running a knife and tweak that one to make it our own.  The reason for this is most SFO's require a minimum order of 250 or more.  Also I would like to keep it less than $125.00 delivered to you.  I have some eyes checking out whats available at a factory or two but always love to hear your ideas.  Remember, this is YOUR knife 

Here is a pic of the official annual knives we have done so far

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I would love to see a nice, practical, usable fixed blade...but I'm not sure how feasible that would be while keeping it in the hoped-for price range. Otherwise, maybe a tactical-ish folder this time. Something like the Kershaw Cryo...

or SOG Flash? 

Something other than a strictly traditional pattern. :-) 

I think we should stay with the Daniels family they helped us out last year. Maybe its time for a small fixed blade to go with the others just a thought

Would love to see some sort of swayback or Lanny shape with wharncliffe.

Maybe a Tuna Valley this time around since we went with Ken last year?  I agree with staying with the Daniels family.

David I with you on the wharncliffe blade

I would stick with Queen Cutlery in one of their brands. We have had knives with a single blade most of the time that is why I propose a multi-blade knife in a pattern that is highly collectable. My vote is for a "Scout pattern". Yep you heard right, a Scout. If this years knife is a Scout, I predict that in 5 years, it would be the most collectable and valuable IKC knife, to date. I would also like to put my name on the list for this years club knife, no mater the pattern because I know Miss Jan will come up with a winner.

   Remember, last year at this time ole Rob voted for a Queen Mt. Man pattern IKC knife. LOL

Well, I hope to vote early and often! Would like the chance to do a stockman knife. We have come close for many years but never ever did one! maybe this is the year! Brand, and scales can be debated!

Robert, I got you!

well a scout, a tuna, a swayback, a stockman, a tactical-ish folder, a fixed blade.  starting to sound good in here 

 Maybe a Cannitler or something with a wharncliffe.

If it's a Canal Street Cannittler with a nice handle material I'll join.

If it's an A.G. Russell....I'll join.

If it's a Zero Tolerance 0777 or 0600 for under $200 I'll join.....as if....LOL.

Seriously. For me it would totally depend on the knife and the price.

Something TRULY unique I'll play. Something slightly unique I'll play if the price is right.

Cannittler, thats a thought

Well Almost anything AG Russell has is good!

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