iKC is proud to announce the 2015 Barlow.  The pattern chosen is not a production pattern, the ebony wood is not a production wood this year for Queen.  This tang stamp is brand new for Queen, it is the 2015 tang.  6 1/8 overall and 3.5 closed

At 119.00 for US destination including shipping and 130.00 for international this knife is unique to iKC and the members.  I have ordered 50 to be deep etched iKC on the bolster and 40 without the etch.  I can always change that if we need more than 50 with our etch.

Thank you to EVERYONE that helped with this years decision, I honestly cannot keep us going without your help!

Style of Knife:  Barlow 

# of Blades:  2 

Blade Set-up:  Spear and small wharncliffe (see picture) 

Type of Steel: D2 Steel with Satin Finish 

Grind of Blade: Flat Grind

Swedge Grinds: none  

Nail Marks: Crescent 

Stamp:  Q DFC tang stamp (Front) 

Etch: no 

Bolsters: Nickel Silver with iKC deep etch 

Shield:  No  

Handle Description/ Construction:  ebony  

Liners: Nickel Silver 

Pins: Nickel Silver 

Packaging:  Black Box 

Handle Description/ Construction:  ebony  

Please note the handle material in the picture IS NOT what we are using.  Our handles will be ebony


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Ok, I stopped oohing and awing long enough to take some pics.  The ebony is the blackest I've seen, and the burnt orange is awesome.  Thank you for such great knives, Jan!

Rusty!  The pics are fantastic!

Hi Jan
Any Barlows left? Thanks!

Just a quick confirmation. Is the handle indeed Ebony on this knife?   I’m making a video and want to get it right  

Thats the burnt orange bone, Toby.7

Tobias Gibson said:

Just a quick confirmation. Is the handle indeed Ebony on this knife?   I’m making a video and want to get it right  

and keep watching!  I think I may have found an incredible knife for 2018, just looking to see if I can locate enough of them!

I saw this post & thought, "Wait, there are still 2015 knives?!?  I need to get one!"  (The knife club I belonged to for a while found some old stock in storage & better they just wanted to get rid of them so the price was low, on Schatt & Morgans, no less.)  But this makes more sense.  Keep us updated, I think it's about time I picked up an iKC knife!

Jan may have some club knives, stashed away, but they have all been very limited production.

I'm sure she'll chime in here, but you might keep your eye on eBay.  I've seen a few show up, perodically.  They have one up now, for the 2011 club knife...


There has also been times where members have posted, on site, where they needed to sell theirs.

Love this knife.

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