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All I can say about TSA knives is WOW.  When I asked one of the new owners if there was something she wanted to provide us with for the Christmas 2019 contest she outdid herself.

Check out the SFO COA.  Only 103 were made. 

1 Prototype

99 serial numbered 

3 Non Numbered

This is one of those 3 non numbered!


Go to TSA Knives new website and give us some specific information

1) What do you like about it?
2) What in your opinion could be improved?
3) What are the 3 names of the new TSA Knife Partners introduced in early October?
Come back here and post the answers
YES, I know that after the 1rst person names the new owners someone could copy it but I trust you all to actually go look !!
Everyone can enter once.  The contest runs from today Dec 9th through Dec 23rd at an undisclosed (as yet) time.
HINT**  You may want to be paying attention to this discussion and the TSA Blog as a chance for another entry within the 2 week period is possible but may not be announced by email.

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I like that the home page is inviting and easy to navigate.  Frankly, I am not yet sure about any improvement suggestions.  The new partners are Pat and Erin McGlynn with their daughter Katie.  Thanks for the cool game!

1. New fresh look is nice change.

2. I'd like to see full screen pics available. More knife specs on each knife never hurt either.

3. New owners are Erin McGlynn, husband Pat and daughter Katie.

Thanks for doing contest and best of luck to all. Good luck to new owners and to Greg.

Thanks TSA for the generous Christmas contest! I haven't stopped by TSA Knives in a few months. Surprised to see the changes. Greg has always been great to work with and it. I was glad to read that Erin is a whole lot nicer :). 1. I like the layout of the site - easier for me to navigate. I liked seeing the 25 days of GEC, search by GEC model numbers along the left vs the old format on top, and the Holiday Special - I will keep an eye on that next year. 2. I don't like clicking on a knife and finding out it's out of stock. I like that out of stock knives are accessible on the site, but would like to know prior to clicking on it that the knife is out of stock. 3. Patrick & Erin McGlynn & Katie. Thanks again for the chance and Merry Christmas!

1. Plenty of info on each product, with nice photos.

2.  I agree with the purple as garish.

3. New partners,  Erin, Pat and Katie.

The TSA website is fun for me to look at and easy for me to navigate, which is important as I am not that good with technology. The only improvement I can think of is maybe some of the photos could be a little sharper. And welcome to Erin, Pat, and Katie!

Thank you for the very generous GAW!

The 92 Pattern is the perfect size. This cover may be one of the best of all them produced this year.

1. I have always liked TSA's website, but the new version is more condensed & easy to navigate.

2. I have New/Recently Added saved as a favorite so I can watch new stuff come in. I notice for some reason it never loads on the first page which has the most recent of recent. Not sure why. That's the only thing though.

3. The McGlynn family - Pat, Erin, and daughter Katie.

Thanks for the opportunity.

-New website has lots of images, which is good. It is easy to navigate. And the Blog is continuing, which I always enjoy. The storefront is very well organized and easy to search, and the knife images are high quality. Works well on both mobile devices and on a full computer screen.

-I really tried to find something I could criticize, but the site is very very well made. It does everything it is intended to do.

-Pat, Erin and Katie.

1) Clean, uncluttered look. Nice styling.

2) No changes to the site necessary. I like it 'as is'.

3) Erin, Pat & Katie McGlynn

Pat, Erin and Katie McGlynn aquired from a 16 year owner

Web site was ok but a liitle hard to find a TSA search gets you mostly Transportation Security Admin. Also their location button gives you nothing. 

You’re Website is very informative. Looks very good. 2.  No improvements i can think of at this time. 3. Patrick, Erin, and Katie. The best to you all. Thanks, and Merry Christmas. Will be adding you to my home page. I have several GEC knives. They are awesome. Good people good knives. The future looks bright. Thanks for the contest. 

1)  I love that the site uses original photography.  I REALLY like the free shipping over $50!  :)

2)  As far as improvements, the home page feels a little random.  Further, while the photography is original, the lighting is a little flat & the backgrounds are pretty monochromatic -- a lot of browns, things just don't *pop*.  These backgrounds are better for more colorful knives, but even then, when placed on the front page, make the front page feel *brown*.  Not rustic, just brown.  I'd like to see new photography, along with some of the current photography, to add variety to the aesthetic experience of the website.  Because when the store is virtual, aesthetics are paramount.

As someone who has done almost all of my knife shopping online -- and a lot of shopping, at that -- I'd be happy to discuss this further.  Besides, I'm also Minnesotan -- but hopefully that doesn't detract from anything I say. :)  I've offered advice to other knife companies in the past. 

By the way, if anyone noticed that SMKW now has a disclaimer when you hover over the "free shipping on any order of $39" on their front page, that was a direct result of my email to them last Saturday, December 7.  There were exceptions to the free shipping in actuality, but no exceptions were stated anywhere on the site until Monday -- I received an email from their director of customer service stating that they changed things after receiving my email.  They understood the potential seriousness of the issue, as well as the certain customer frustrations. & addressed the problem quickly because of my email to them.  Credit where credit is due -- and on that issue, it's due to me!  :P

3) The new partners are Pat, Erin, & Katie McGlynn, as posted on October 7, 2019.  As I said above, I'd be happy to provide suggestions too! (The site seems to differ from the blog, then again, that may be due to Katie's young age).

Oh, & I like the purple block!  Maybe it's a Minnesota thing?  :)

Thanks for running this contest!!!!

Took a bit to find the new partners-Erin McGlynn, her husband Pat and daughter Katie

Website easy to navigate, laid out well. I can’t think of any changes needed. I like how easy it is to look at categories and find the search bar. Merry Christmas and thanks! 

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