TSA Knives is thinking “SFO HUNTING KNIFE”


Hess Knifeworks was established in 2005, after many years of working for other knife companies. Whether we are building our own brand or working on someone else's knives, our goal remains the same, and that is to make high quality "Made in the USA" bench made custom knives.


Greg is asking…how would YOU modify this knife?


Entry for this month is easy.  Enter as many times as you would like.   Help Greg decide what the hunters, collectors, knife folks would ask for if they could make this knife their own?  Give us your ideas.




And what will the winner receive?  How about a HESS knife?


Cocobolo Wood

2.5 inch total length Blade
1095 high carbon steel 
1/8" thick blade

Notch for Firesteel use

Brass Lanyard Tube

Brown Leather Belt Sheath



This contest will run the month of August and Greg @ TSA Knives will choose the winner.  So enter often and lets help Greg build an SFO he and Hess Knifeworks can be proud to offer.



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If I were to change this knife, I would add a brass guard to protect my fingers, just in case I slip.

I like the idea of a brass guard also.

My suggestions are as follows:

Offer the knife in different handle materials, natural and man-made (woods, stag, micarta, G10, maybe CTEK or Kirinite).

Offer options of Stainless hardware, nickel silver or maybe even copper. Make finger guards, pins and thong tubes match or offer a little variety of materials with Loveless bolts and have the hilt/bolsters and thong tube match one or the other of the metals in the Loveless bolts (or mosaic pins).

Offer sheath options - black, brown or natural leather, offer in Kydex and in a neck knife orientation. Could even make a frame only version and do a paracord wrap on it.

Could fancy it up with mosaic pins too. What about going hi-tech look with carbon fiber bolsters?

Offer a parkerized, cerakote, blued or some other blade finish or a hammered edge finish for that old school look.

Amendment to my above reply: Could also add some jimping to keep your thumb from sliding and/or fileworking on the top edge of the blade.

I think it would look good with in stag with a guard and pommel.

A small firesteel loop/holder on the sheath, a longer blade...lol, and something other than Cocobolo. Some spalted maple or something similar, not stag. Maybe some dark coloured mosaic pins to go with the light coloured wood. Jimping on the back if it has no guard. And a nifty lanyard too! Something unique to Hess Knives, or TSA. Great looking little knife there!

I think a nice wildlife etching on the blade would be nice. 

Offer a titanium nitride coating on the blade

Looks like a great blade! The only change I would make is I love the option of blades that have a gut hook. It's probably not the most common thing to see on a 2.5 inch blade but I use my knives primarily in the woods, and seeing how I lost my knife with a gut hook the last time I was out there it's an option that has been on my mind!

I would make it available in a real Clip point. Some of us prefer a Clip point to a drop point.


I'd probably grind off that silly looking "guard". Either that or regrind it in such a way that it's not rounded on the handle end. Seriously....what IS that thing?

Other than that I don't think I'd change much it kind of looks like something I could've built and I like it.

A giveaway for my thoughts?

Well thinking gets me in trouble sometimes, but I kinda like it just the way it is.

However, If they offered it with a wharnie, in the 2" range, oh boy.

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