Can't believe we are entering a another decade. I hope everyone has a great new year.  As I open up a new iKC calendar, thought it would be a great idea to choose a knife a month to showcase.  Here's my knife of the month for January (I wonder what yours might be?!).  This is the last knife I purchased in 2019.  It's a utility / hunter by TK Steingass - spalted hackberry handle with a 4.5" 1095 blade with hamon.

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February already?  Nice looking whitller Dennis!

That's what I thought ... as I began working on taxes!!!!!

Andy Larrison said:

February already?

Oh nice! I see too that it's actually whittler than last month's model... :-)

Leaping lizards .... leaped from February to March already.  Been either very busy or laid up, so haven't been around in a while.  But, put together the new calendar page in advance!  Here's my "Baby Horn" made by Adam Vigil.  

Another beauty by Vigil customs.  I saw him posting WIP pics on IG of this.  Very sweet looking piece.  The coloring and deep ruts in the handles really set this one off!

Andy ... I have owned a number of Adam's knives.  His take on Jess Horn's "Baby Horn" is fantastic.  Personally, I think it one of Adam's best models ... then again, I do like back locks!!!

April and the flowers are coming to life and the birds are nesting .... must be spring!  Here's a Viper Knives "Quality" with a blue jay feather. These are great knives with one flaw.  I own 3 ... a Timeless with red partridge feather, a Drop with woodcock feather and this Quality.  All show some degree of cracking under the acrylic top layer around the pivot screw.  Oh well, still nice knives.  

Nice choice Dennis...even with the small degree of cracking (can't see it in this photo - so it doesn't count!). Thanks as always old friend friend sharing. 

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