I've been doing a series of you tube videos on Traditional Pattern Knives.  The videos are being made with the novice knife collector in mind.  I will be adding them to my page and to this thread.  Comments are welcome.

Belwo is the introduction.  I will add more videos to this thread as time permits.

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Nest up is the Standard or Premium Trapper:

The Sunfish and the Elephant Toenail

The Traditional Camp/Scout Knife

hi:  i look forward to seeing more of these.

Duke Biscotti

I have liked them all Tobias.  I have learned something from all of them.

Thank-you for doing these videos. As I am new to collecting, they are helping me understand the terminology.
Tobias Gibson said:

Nest up is the Standard or Premium Trapper:

Wow!  Tobias these videos are awesome!  I loved that slimline trapper with the easy open notch you showed in your trapper video!  I'll be looking for your stuff on youtube now! 

So generous of you to share your knowledge and time!


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