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Well we are in Texas. One of my very favorite states. I just got back from walking Buddy. Its cold here for Texas: 38 degree but thats better than 2 below at home. And absolutely no snow.

Lyle Lovett sung a song:   You say your not from Texas, You say your not from Texas -----

Texas wants you anyhow.

We are in Katy, Texas where my daughter and her family live. Joyce and I are so glad to see our Grandkids here - Sierra is 14 and Nathan is 13 And they both love Knives. I will post pictures of their growing collection when I get home. My Son-in-law is a hard working man - and works in Houston.

Its suppose to get in the 70's by the end of the week. Tonight we go to a school Choir event and tomorrow a Basketball game where my Grandaughter will play. Our Grandson played Football until he broke his arm. 

My Grandson loves the woods and can't wait to get to our Farm in Ohio this summer. 

Who else loves Texas????

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Been to Texas so many times! Not sure I ever got to see it all. I remember Houston, Dallas and San Antonio and I am sure many smaller towns that I just drove through.

Can't wait to see the pictures and another knife collection!

I do. I lived in Houston for 5 years. Made lots of wonderful friends there. Great times.

My favorite uncle  lived in Dallas- Visited there a few times as a boy. Uncle Buck was Assistant Editor for the Dallas Times newspaper until he retired.He was a scout sniper in WWII and an avid  fisher and hunter, and the best pistol and rifle shot I ever met. I used to love when he would visit Illinos. He always had a car trunk full of guns, which meant we were going to do some serious shooting and fishing !! Never saw him miss !! When he retired, he built a cabin on top of a mountain in Arkansas,about an hour from Little Rock. He spent the rest of his days hunting and fishing, and living off the land.After his death, when his daughter was going through his personal effects, she said there was not one spot in the entire cabin where the was not a pistol or rifle within arms reach !! Bear protection !! Texas brings back some priceless memories !!

Sounds like you all have great memories of Texas. John, I like the way your uncle Buck lived.

2 of my favorite memories- Buck had a Colt Peacemaker in a standard Western Rig- not a speed shooters rig- Put a ping pong ball on top of his hand,drew and fired, putting a hole dead center in a quarter on a fencepost 40 ft. away- The ping pong ball landed in the bottom of his holster!! Another time. my grandad was complaining his new .223  didn't shoot straight. Buck spotted a crow flying between 2 trees. Fired once, and put half of what was left of the crow in one tree, and the other half in the other- His comment, Nope, shoots straight, get your eyes checked, dad !! BTW, his daughter shoots almost as well !!


I better say I kinda like the place! Born and raised native Texan, spent 3 of 63 years in Alabama. Never been in Ohio! I have posted a rare Case XX 5247 in honor of your visit!

Alan, that is an awesome knife and I am honored that you posted it. Thanks.

Stopped there transferring planes on my way to Arkansas in 2012.....does that count?

My parents lived in Texas when I was a baby. Haven't visited since. Would love to some day though.

Had a cook out at Austin State Park, and hiked along the Brazos River.My Grandson started the cookout fire with flint and steel. He is really into knives and anything survival. Had a great time in Texas. Temps in the 70's - beautiful. Off to Church this morning and then home tomorrow back to the ice box.


it sounds like you got around and saw a little scenery. Austin can be a pretty wild place as can Houston. You can see just about anything you can imagine in either place and a few things you wouldn't want to see. Those two cities bare little of rural America inside the city limits especially Houston. :)

We were close to Sealy, TX at the State Park - it was called Stephen F. Austin State Park - no where near Austin.

Better part of the world and less traffic around Sealy! Did you have time to go to the Bush Library at College Station on the Texas A&M campus? Maybe next time it is a great museum.

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