I am not to fond of painted blades but now and then I end up with one because it was a good deal. So I resently bought what I call my 9.5" Bowsheti, and it was painted. Under a painted blade is  raw grind lines that are tough to sand out but can be done by hand.

 I start out with 150 grit to remove all the paint and grind lines and then move up to 220 then 400 then 600 and 800 grit. Then to a buffing wheel with rough.

This is the mirror finish when finished.

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Now that is AWESOME!!

I don't so much care for the painted blades either and this is a great option when you see a knife you like but the blade is done up.  Thanks so much for taking the time to share.  We appreciate it!

You did a great job there, Herb.

 Thanks guy's, the pictures dont capture the true mirror quality.  A lot of want to and sandpaper makes alot of diffrence between a so so knife and one you dont mind showing. I didnt want to get too mirror since it will be a hard use knife for trailblazing. Herb

Herb that bee is making right for that blade because he sees a reflection! That's a great action shot! can't wait to hear whats in store for that knife down the road.

Steve, before I put all the work into this knife I did field test it. I first put a convex edge on it with my belt sander. Then chopped several 3" limbs off a tree that is destined to come down. The chopping ability was very good and the limbs came down pretty quickly and easily. I then sliced several thick cardboard boxes up and it slid thru them like hot butter. The edge suffered NO damage at all and seemed to be just as sharp as when I began. The heat treat on this knife is just great and I am sure it will be my main trailblazer.

 Glad you saw the bee, I thought that was pretty neat.


Very nice man....everytime I see something like this I think to myself that I've got to get a buffer somwhere.

Thanks Alex. I bought my 3/4 hp grinder at a flea market for $30 and bought the buffer wheel at Homedepot.  Most of that shine comes from sanding down to 1000 grit then the buffer with rouge. By the way, a spinning buffer wheel is the most dangerous tool in a shop, be carefuland wear shoes. Herb

Great job Herb! What brand knife is it? I think I know but just want to be sure. Thanks.

Thanks Robert, it's kinda like dating an ulgly woman, dont want to admit to it. Mitech Extreme Bowie.  It had good reviews on utube and the price was rediculously cheap compared to it's twin cold steel trailmaster. After I field tested the 440 steel I was amazed it stood up to intense chopping and stayed very sharp with no damage. Its a tough beater knife that I prefer to call " Bowshedi", 9.5" of blade and 1/4" thick. Pretty darn good chopper, trailblazer.  Yes, I would date her again.

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