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This guy got fined for having a Sgian Dubh whilst wearing full Highland Dress !!!


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No need to panic!!!

a) It was in Quebec

b) It was over a bylaw issue.

However, now that Canada Border Service Agency is dictating our knife laws, flippers are getting almost impossible to import now. Getting turned away at the border even though they are perfectly legal to buy, carry and own.

And we can still carry those evil mankillers...the GREEN ZOMBIE KNIVES!!! Mwahahaha

Once they get your guns, knives are next!

"They" can have every single one of my guns! No problem. Melt 'em to slag...

My knives on the other hand...good luck getting those!! LOL

Manx, now you know how I feel about my guns!

I just said "mine"...and I ain't got none! ;-)

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