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First question is what kind of steel is this made of. Second is what do you think it's worth? I was surprised about the Queen Kansas knife I just posted, and since this is also a limited edition club knife, albeit much newer, but by a now defunct company (R.I.P.) is this more of a collectors item now?

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Richard- Your 4" muskrat  has genuine elk antler slabs for knife handles and is made of super hi-quality 14-4 CRMO stainless steel. Advertised as having better corrosion ,wear, and edge resistance than 440C steel.Yours is one of a 100 pcs. made.I believe these sold for $75 new. I would guestimate now in the $100+ range. BTW, these originally came with a felt drawstring pouch and a box. A real beauty !!

Yeah, I still have the box and pouch. Thanks! This is probably the one I least want to part with, especially since CSC is gone now. I made a 10th Anniversary t-shirt for AAPK and I was gifted this knife (as well as a couple of shirts). The fit and finish on this is REALLY nice - GEC quality! I'd been meaning to pick up a CSC half moon trapper for a while, but never did, and now it looks like I'll have to find one used.

Richard-to the best of my knowledge all are made with the same 14-4  CRMO high quality steel. You can find these in all sorts of handle material- Everything from camel bone to reclaimed chestnut wood, and many,many in between. Happy hunting !!

Oh, I wouldn't use this for hunting...maybe carving an apple or whittling at the most!

Just kidding! You just said that and the first image that popped into my head was me jumping on a big buck with my little muskrat knife between my teeth, like Rambo, only 5'6" and 230 lbs of chiseled fat.

Thanks again for the info. You really saved me from letting these go too easily. I know value often differs from what the market will bear (and what people are willing to pay), but at least I can start from a stronger position now and may be able to keep a couple and just sell one where before I was selling all three. Much obliged!

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