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Blimey .... I was in Wal-Mart (one of the very few shopping choices in this small town) the other day and as I walked down the isle, I was blinded by the lights on Christmas trees!  What?  It's not even Halloween yet and the stores are subjecting shoppers to Christmas marketing already!  Sheesh!  But ... it did prompt me to start thinking about a Christmas Giveaway.  Figured I would give everyone a heads up that I will do one (similar to last year's) next month (so that the winner will have gift in hand in plenty of time for Christmas, regardless of location).

So ... mark your calendars and check back in about 30 days for the details.  The only stipulation I have come up with so far is that the giveaway will be open to anyone who has been a member for at least 6 months as of the date of my details post next month.  Not sure what I will pull from the collection for the giveaway, but will try to have a selection to choose from this year in an attempt to accommodate  knife laws in various locations.

To enter, visit this page on my web site.

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Okay .... it's that time.  I have opened my Christmas 2017 GAW.  To enter, just go to this page on my web site.  You will find the details there.  However, here are some of the quick points:

1) You must have joined IKC on or before 26 May 2017 to enter.

2) Only one email entry per member.

3) Deadline for entry submission is 25 November 2017.

4) Winner will be selected sometime during the evening of 26 November 2017.  Winner will be notified on that date.  If I don't hear back from the winner within 48 hours, I will select an alternate.

Good luck to all. 



You are a generous soul and I am so proud to have you as a part of iKC!

I second that Jan... Thank You Dennis for the opportunity to participate

Thank you Dennis.  Anyone should be proud to own any one of those three knives.

Thank you Dennis for your generosity!

thank you dennis for the chance for a knife

Dennis,  Join the CLUB.........I Live in Etna, California (Siskiyou County) about a little Over an Hour North of Mount Shasta.

Population here iz Under Eight Hundred (800).  Walmart, in Yreka (Largest Store around) iz approx. Thirty (30) milez away.

Butt, it'z Beautiful here.  I waz Born in San Francisco, California.  

A Very Nice Looking Knife, Great Generosity.

                                   "HAPPY VETERANS DAY."

Very generous and kind of you Dennis!

Entered, thanks Dennis. If I win it will definitely be a difficult choice of which knife to select.

Thank You for doing this Dennis! That is a very handsome knife Sir! Good Luck to All!

  IKCGAW  thanks dennis some,great looking knives,thanks for the chance,it will be a hard choice,ill just put 3 #s in a hat and draw,merry christmas to you and your family,enjoy the turkey also.  steve

Thank you for the op.

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