For the past few months I have carrying my Colonial Model 105 automatic as my EDC.  I like this knife so much and am so pleased with it that I decided to write a review of it.

Colonial provides a lifetime warranty on their knives.  The knife is US made.  The handle is glass filled nylon and has a pocket clip.  The lanyard hole will accommodate 550 paracord.  The mechanism operates with a push button to open and close.  The slide lock locks the blade open and closed.

The knife weighs 2.3 ounces.  It is 4 1/4 inches closed and 7 inches open.  The blade is 2 3/4 inches long.

The Blackie Collins designed tanto blade of ATS34 steel is hardened to Rockwell 58C.  I find it ideally suited to the bulk of the usual daily cutting that I do.  I don't use the pocket clip, I just drop the knife into my pocket.  In bulk it is comparable to a trapper but is significantly lighter in weight.

I really enjoy using this knife.  The one hand opening and closing is especially helpful when you are trying to hold something in the other hand.  It has a good strong spring so when you push the button to open it there is no doubt that will open all the way and lock in position.  For extra security just slide the lock button to the lock position.  Then even pressing the release button will not allow it to close or open.  The release button is designed to require significant force to open the knife to prevent it from opening in your pocket.  Since I always lock it when I put it in my pocket anyway, I have no worry about it opening there.

The allen wrench provided with the knife fits the assembly screws.  The assembly screw next to the release button can be used to adjust the pressure on the blade to control its opening speed.

To anyone looking for a quality automatic, I highly recommend this knife.

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I have never carried one of these but I do own one.  This design has been out for quite some time but whenever I show it to someone they are always surprised by both the knife and the price point.

That Colonial offers a lifetime warranty never fails to amaze people.  Colonial has been making switchblades for over 50 years if I remember right, they have no problem knowing they are making them to last.

I am with Charles, if you are looking for an affordable, useful and well made auto...this is your knife.

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