Now to some exciting news.  For those of you that have just started the journey here with us, a tiny bit of background on our next custom being offered in our monthly contest/giveaway.

Don Carter Forge very rarely sells a knife.  It is a hobby he enjoys almost as much as giving a knife to a friend or a young person.  The past few years have been quite an adventure for me, watching him learn to take a small piece of tool steel and make it into a hand forged knife.  I always try to find something special as our Christmas giveaway and this year Don Carter has agreed to give away a knife made just for iKC.

As the 12th of December gets closer, watch here for the details and how you can be the owner of this knife, just by being online

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Just more group postings. And glad I remembered last night to post photos of an old bayonet handed down through the family - because Michael Roper very quickly identified it and told me exactly what it was. I had assumed British / colonial army issue, yet interestingly it is a rather rare (genuine) Italian Carcano folding bayonet. Now I want to know how it came to be in my hands, I believed from an uncle murdered on his farm in Africa who had been military there - yet as far as I know never had any connection to Italy / Finland and the second world war.

History kind of sucks us in when we start becoming interested, much like genealogy which is just another form of history.

And as a by the way, I told my son a while back that I had become more interested in knives, begun acquiring a few and was starting to "make" with kits and ready made blanks, along with detailed records of all I currently possess. I said one day when I croak he will get all of it, along with my detailed records as I put them all together. His response was cool, he's looking forward to that, then an awkward moment as he realized how it sounded and said not that he's looking forward to me croaking, but ... of course I laughed at him, I knew exactly what he meant.

Day 12 for me, posted in groups. Got some great discussions going because of the contest. I have been reading lots of them too even if it doesnt count. lol.  Good luck to everyone, and Merry Christmas, youve only got 2 days of shopping left or you might have to give one of your knives away. 

Greetings IKC ...it is almost Christmas and my tree is up ...a new addition to my collection is always a treat..my fingers are crossed...posting on facebook to get others aware of how solid IKC is and the groups with fellow knife lovers is a plus..I am impressed with the success of this years giveaway promotion...
Enjoy the Holidays..'

Dec 23rd I posted here https://www.facebook.com/groups/211091185767375/ $25 knives & down Thanks again for the chance to win Jan & Don!!

Shared on Facebook, Tweeted, & Google Shared!,

Thanks to Jan & Don Carter for the opportunity!

Posted in " Buck knives made in China " in the "Buck Knives" group. Would have liked to post in the Whittler thread, but the Buck 310 Whittler I bought on feebay is apparently lost in the gaping maw of USPS; perhaps tomorrow?

Posted in the Tools for knife enthusiast's group.

Day 11 - Joined and posted in Dave Villiard's Group - Scrimshaw/Engraving and File Work on Knives.  

Dec. 23  - -  Posted the discussion "Took My 1873 Winchester Hunting Today" in the Arsenal.

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Dec, 23rd: Added a discussion to the Case group, "Latest and Greatest". Also added a pic of my son and my new knives. Thanks so much for facilitating this run Jan. Can't wait to see my new knife!

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