Any other vintage collectors of Parkers, American Blade, Taylor, United Boker, Frost, or STAR brands out there? 

Am far from an expert on these brands, but I do own a few!  I typically have gone "straight to the horses mouth", with many of my questions answered by Buzz Parker.  Have another friend, who I would consider experienced with '80s SEKI produced brands.  Drop me  line, or a question anytime please!  Thanks.


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Very nice photos - and knives!

Okay - I'm showing my ignorance here - what is SEKI?


Jan earlier repied to my post on a pair Parker IMAI Appaloosa Hawkbills.

"Beautiful, I love a good appaloosa  1984 Parker bought half of a Japanese factory.  All knives out of that factory marked Parker-Imai.  Yours should be some real good steel! 

Pair of Parker HawkBills

Seki is a city in Japan where a lot of knives were produced.

An Outline of Seki 
In addition to being situated roughly in the center of Gifu prefecture and the middle reaches of the Nagara River, known for its crystal-clear streams and Ukai Cormorant fishing, the city is also situated almost in the center of the Japanese archipelago. Seki is a peaceful, comfortable city surrounded by beautiful mountains. Seki City is famous for sword crafting, along with its tradition and long history, which reaches as far back as more than 700 years ago. As time passes, Seki City is expected to be more industrialized and to be a base of product distribution, as two major traffic highways will be completed in the near future. 

Bravo Steve!  Thanks for your input, you are a very knowledgable with both the SEKI name and its history. 

I have a few Seki City blades. The Blackjacks I have are pre Effingham era, and were made in Seki.

hey jay. sorry for the confusion, and no such thing as dumb questions.  SEKI made knives were knives produced from the SEKI plant in Japan during the 1980s.  I assume most of that statement to be correct, Jan is well versed on this knowledge also.  Parker and some of the makers I have mentioned above, had their knives produced there during that time.  What I have been told, Jim Parker bought part of the SEKI plant back in the early 1980s.  Jim Parker produced the IMAI brand stamp for Parker brand knives during this era.  Not sure on the longevity of this IMAI brand for Parker made knives.  Know that many other brands were produce there as well, with the SEKI name also.  Hope this was helpful Jay, and I welcome Jan to come on board and educate both us hopefully.

Thanks Tim

Seki Cutlery Association 

With a proud tradition of 780 years, Seki produces all types of cutlery and edged tools from Razors, Scissors, Kitchen Knives to Sports Knives and Samurai Swords to meet with very demands for both domestic and overseas markets. There are now six separate organizations belong to the Association with about 60 members of individual knife manufacturer and related company. 
Outdoor Knife Section 
In 1992, twenty outdoor knife manufacturers formed an Outdoor Knife Section of the Seki Cutlery Association to promote their outdoor knife products. The group has its own "Seki Outdoor Knife Show" every October in Seki, Japan. Two years ago, this group of 20 separate knifemakers decided to work more closely together to develop and sell selected products under the brand of "Seki-Cut".

The current members are:

1) G.Sakai Folding knives, Fixed blade knives, Tools 
2) Kinryu Fixed blade knives, Survival knives 
3) Hiro Folding knives, Fixed blade knives 
4) Hattori Fixed blade knives, Damascus blades 
5) Moki Folding knives, Fixed blade knives 
6) Fukuta Folding knives, Fixed blade knives 
7) Seto Folding knives, Fixed blade knives 
8) Suetake Folding knives 
9) Ishikawa Folding knives, Fixed blade knives, Machete 
10) Kikusui Divers knives, Fixed blade knives 
11) Fukuyama Folding knives 
12) Houwa Folding knives, Sommelier Knives 
13) Sabre Folding knives 
14) Ryuhei Folding knives 
15) Koji Hara Handmade Custom knives 
16) Taiyo Folding knives 
17) Katoh Gentleman knives, Miniature knives 
18) Sanetsu Professional Chef knives 
19) Seki Knife Folding knives 
20) Shizu Fixed blade knives, Fishing tools

**information borrowed from user Simona from another forum**

My hats off to you again Steve. You are a walking encyclopedia of Seki wisdom. Thanks for you input my friend.


Nahh...I just know where to look. :) I'll finish with this link...


I've always been interested in Seki since I started hearing the great "Any Chinese or Japanese knives are crap" statements. In my mind, it looks like this is an area that helped to define knife/sword making, and some pretty amazing stuff comes from Seki. And while some companies situated there may use inferior steels, the region's history is nothing to mock. More advances in steel have come from there than any other country around.

These are all Seki made.

Fine looking pieces Steve.  See they are all dressed up in matching black leather.  Wicked looking Axe!

 STAR Courthouse Whittler with Whittling Hands blade etch.  Private label brand produced by Parker.

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