What does everyone do for food on camping trips? What are your favorite foods to eat on camping trips? Do you gather and catch anything from mother nature to eat while you are there? Or do you bring a freeze dried meals to save on weight? Or bring along a small pantry and a copy of Julia Childs "The Art of Frech Cooking?"

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.. canned & dried goods in a wooden budweiser box + cooler w/ perishables in vehicle .. when camping w/ ready access to vehicle . use that .. when hiking back in .. pack out of that ..

Stoves .. should we discuss stoves here ?????

I've the std Coleman 2-burner suitcase that goes in the vehicle w/ the food .. I've a little pocket rocket that goes in overnight or a few nights ..

lite & compact .. fits in the tri angular plastic container

wouldn't want to cook regular meals on it .. sure is sweet otherwise !!
If I am camping at camp grounds or somewhere where I have my vehicle right there I will pack more traditional camping foods since I will have usually a two burner stove along with me as well. Might as well eat good if you arn't roughing it to begin with I figure. When I do backpacking trips I pack dehydrated Mountain House meals because they save on weight and space and all you have to do is add hot water to the bag and you are set. I use a Jetboil to heat the water up with and it works really nice and it pretty light. As for catching or gathering food, I have caught fish before, but you can bet I had back up food incase fishing didnt work out like usual haha. In Canada on vacation one year with my family we went blueberry picking and had fresh blue berries for the pancakes in the morning which was pretty cool. But other than that it has been pretty much black berries and raspberries that I have picked and eaten since I really don't want to chance getting sick from eating something that a survival book says is ok and you identify the plant by a black and white illustration that someone has drawn for the book rather than using a color picture of the actual plant lol.
Here is the stove that I use for backpacking. Works really well and boil water extremely fast.

!! nice backpacking stove !!

..love the coffee press option .. oh baby oh baby .. how good would that be on a cold morn !!!!!!!!!!!

!!! nice specs .. nice options !!!

Yea they are really nice. A little pricy, but well worth it. I love that everything is contained within it including the fuel tank. Also the fact that it has its own igniter is a plus as well.
Haha yea I never rely on catching anything. If I catch or find something to eat great but if not I still have backup food just incase. Yea I have been really impressed with alot of the freeze dried meals that are out there, really good tasting food. But as for freeze dried eggs, I have yet to find any that dont make me sick haha I think the companies just need to give up on dehydrated eggs lol.
I use two little stoves like Dale describes. I pretty much only do car camping, but we have a little 30ac piece of jungle in CutandShoot, Texas and you can get lost 100 feet from the car.

It would be nice to hunt and fish, and I buy my license every year to help support wildlife conservation, but it has been a decade since I put chow on the table with my fishing line or firearm. Going back to the mid 1950s I did it many times, though. Now I like to take several coolers of steaks, vegetables and beverages. I usually camp with some old war buddies, and it's hot here most of the year.

I cannot praise the MRE enough. When it's boil-a-bag or hot radiator time, the MRE is magnificent chow, and usually it can be beaten into submission easily enough.
Yea I always enjoy MRE's. I don't use them for backpacking I use the dehydrated stuff but what I really like about the MRE's is that there are a couple of different food items in them usually so it isnt just one thing you are eating for your meal it is a couple different things to keep it interesting. Hey Andy I have never tried any of the breakfast MRE's, have you tried them if so are they any good?
It has to be both.

We camp when we go fishing or hunting--intending to eat what we catch but we also carry a cooler with frozen meats and vegetables inside in case of bad weather that doesn't allow us to hunt/fish...We only car (sometimes with trailers), boat or canoe camp although I still use a lot of the ultralight backpacking gear that I used when I was younger...I'm too old and too sore to sleep on a backpacking mat; I much prefer a 3" think foam mat which doesn't go too well with backpacking.

Also have lots of freeze dried goods, Ramon noodles but I don't have a nearby army surplus store to pick up MREs so I've never tried them--ordering food cross border is a supreme bitch.

I like to mix it up when camping. When car camping I will bring the most common types of food. Since i'm fishing most of my camping trips fish is always on the menu, along with one night we have to have a steak. BBQ corn and camp fire pit baked potato.  One of the guys in the group always make a peach cobbler in a dutch oven. MMMMM :-).

Back packing its fresh caught fish and MRE's and light weight freeze dried food. Pine needle tea and ant lemon aid.   

That great Terry, what area do you go camping?

Robert I do most of my camping and overnight hiking in the eastern sierra's up and around the June Lake loop area. Also Bishop creek however started moving further north lately the trails are less crowed unless you get to close to Yosemite then its crazy.I also like to go out in the desert in the winter of course and explore around, Death Valley area.


Robert Burris said:

That great Terry, what area do you go camping?


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