Well apparently I do not.  Unable to attend one of my favorite shows today I figured I would do the next best thing and give away a knife.  The HECK with that, I am going to give away 2!

Easy contest here. 

You can enter by entering the word BLARNEY in this discussion.  Want 2 chances?  Tell me some knife blarney!  Contest ends Sunday Night at midnight PT and winner will be drawn on Monday.

Make my day folks, it was rather disheartening to miss the Dalton show, the people and knives I was looking forward to seeing.

Hey want to know what you win?

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In 1983, I kissed the Blarney Stone twice with my Swiss Army Knife in my pocket.   True story.

Every time I happen to mention to my wife that I am interested in buying a new knife she tells me I am full of blarney. And my response is always the same, “of course I am Irish”. I have finally wised up and now I don’t mention my knife purchases.

Blarney! I dated Kathy Ireland, but she found out I was Scott.. ; )

 Am I mistaken but isn't Jan Carter a women?

BLARNEY, FROM THE CELTS!!!  Oidhche mhath - Schultz

Yes and my husband is pretty happy about it LOL

MIKE said:

 Am I mistaken but isn't Jan Carter a women?


I just watched a re-run of John Wayne in THE QUIET MAN, and I started a new job working with an IRISH company.

This is my week!

 I used to ride my Harley Socially Clussy 76FHL contraption with Bugsy Callahan.  Bugsy had a 1981 Herritage Edition FLH Harley-Davidson with a crazy Green metal flake paint job.  Drunk leprechauns drinking green beer and Irish Slogans painted all over that thing.  Bugsy always rode his Harley drunk.   He stopped real hard at a red light and he lost his balance.  He was wearing a shorty helmet.  The end of the handle bar stabbed him in the soft spot of his scull.  Bugsy is in a mental ward stealing food from other mental patients , today.  Bugsy is the only person that I ever heard of , that got stabbed by his Harley-Davidson !  BLARNEY ! BLARNEY !  BLARNEY !


Ah, but when it comes to knife blarney, you don't need to hear how beautiful your knives are, or how incredible and comprehensive your collection.  You don't need to hear how extensive your contacts are in the knife industry (and they are extensive), or how well liked you are, or how influential (though all of this is certainly true).  When it comes to knives, dear Jan, we simply want you to be you...  :)

blarney-It's better to be seen rather than missed


I'm feeling Lucky!

We missed you, and that's no blarney. 

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