I am going to give away a knife.  It is a Colt CT405 Skinner.  It is the knife I won in Tobias Gibson's contest.  I mean no offense to you Tobias but I am just not satisfied with it.  This discussion is a contest to give away the knife but I guess it is also a review of the knife.


The sheath goes with the knife but not the knife stand.  That was made for me by Jeremy Buchanan.

I took the knife to the woods with me to check out and download my game cameras.  Some brush was growing into the field of view of one of them.  I used it to trim the brush.  It just was not as effective as my Rough Rider Sidewinder doing the same type job

Here is a test I put the Rough Rider through.  If I could have done it at all with the Colt, it would have taken far longer.


It is not as sharp as the Rough Rider.  I sharpened both on my Smith's 2-Step sharpener.  I can slice a sheet of printer paper with the RR but not the Colt.  I must admit that I have never been able to sharpen a knife properly with a stone.  That's why I use the Smiths.


Someone who is able to sharpen a knife might be able to sharpen the Colt much better than me.

So I am not satisfied with it as a user but I also don't want to put it in my collection.  Even though I have several fixed blades, I am not really into fixed blades as collectibles.  If it weren't for the pommel, I might have put it in my collection anyway.   I mean, really, a hex nut for the pommel?!  Surely they could have done better!

All you have to do to win this knife is comment in this discussion and tell me why you want it.  Whoever, in my judgement, gives me the best reason gets the knife.  You will also be stuck with the lucky recipient of the pass-along knife!  Put your initials on it and pass it along!

So give me your reason and win a knife!  Even if only one person enters, you get the knife.  I will give it one week or as long as it takes to get one entrant.

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It's not for me Charles. I'm pretty picky in my fixed blades.

But I'm sure someone will get a kick out of it.

Lets send it to someone that is an excellent sharpener with many different techniques and see if they can get a usable edge to hold?

What type steel is it made of?

The only thing I can find is SMKW lists it as "Stainless Steel".  No other info.  The knife is made in Pakistan.

Robert Burris said:

What type steel is it made of?

I have an Edge Pro sharpening device. I would like to try and put an edge on it. I would even attempt to put an edge on the...uhhh...passalong...thing. 

the handle is nice,be a good knife for cutting peppers.you can always find a use for a knife.

I hope someone comes along to give this knife a new home . Not for me though I have had too many knives in the past with basic stainless blades , life is too short for poor steel !

First I heard about the passalong  knife. Looks like typical  1980's  made in china 

Even worse, Pakistan!  LOL

Ricky L McConnell said:

First I heard about the passalong  knife. Looks like typical  1980's  made in china 

I already have two entries in the contest.  So I will give it one week for anyone else who might want to enter.  I will announce the winner on Friday evening, July 25 in the chat room.

Both entries gave good reasons for wanting the knife.  This contest could be more interesting than I first thought.  

Thanks to the two current entrants and to any others who enter.

Being an unusual styled knife and that of a skinner (slowly growing my collection of skinners), I would be more than happy having that in my collection either blunt or sharp as I have several different sharpening systems that I could use to edge it.

Even though the nut is ugly, I can see where they may have been going with it to secure the tang as opposed going full tang or even a rats tail tang (which would make the handle "pop" more).

I see the opportunity to take that nut off there and put a nice end cap on it

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