When it comes to the great outdoors, you really can't beat a good E-Tool.  This one was issued to me when i was in the Army.  (I'm not sure how it managed to come home with me!)  It was made by Ames.   Back in the early 1980s there was still quite a bit of debate between the wooden handle ones and these new-fangled collapsible jobs.    To me, the wood handled ones were better only if it had the pick on the end.

One thing was for sure -- all of the grunts preferred the old canvas covers to the heavy grey rubber covers.  The rubber covers made too much noise and were also coming un-snapped. Plus the shovel rattled like crazy!  It's been 30 some odd years now and this little puppy is still going strong.  Probably the best shovel I've ever owned.

(however, if I can find a wood handled GI issued with the pick end I'm going to snatch it up!  I figure this one won't mind some company!)   Anyone else have a good quality E-Tool -- GI issue or otherwise?

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I have a modern one, all metal, non military. Mine is not sharp on it's edge. My cousin, sharpened his with a file. This past spring, we used it to search for quartz crystals, while on vocation. A very useful tool. I may sharpen mine also.

In the army, the typical practice is to dig your foxhole behind a tree.  The serrated edge on the  E=tool is vital when it comes to hacking through tree roots and such.  Of course, some times you need  a real axe!   Since leaving the Army, all the fox hole training came in handy when it came to planting and removing shrubs and hedges around the house!

I have 1955 army shovel belong to my late father. When He was army at the time

Don't tease us Michelle!  Post a picture!

You wait to see my few picture of 1950's US Army folder Shovel. It belong to my late father. When He was Army in 1955 at Fort Dix Base in Fort Dix, NJ. Until his retirement in 1966 and bringing his Bayonet and folder shovel  to home with him, I love my dad's story telling me all about his army everything. What i learn from him. But Someone told me about this old folder shovel come from WWII. Not new. It seem very old.Very heavy folder shovel...

Smile here is......

I'm really "digging" that E-tool Michelle!  Looks in great shape!


Tobias Gibson said:

I'm really "digging" that E-tool Michelle!  Looks in great shape!


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