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I love to see very nice photos of knives.  I thought this would be an interesting thread, to have everyone post their favorite pictures of knives.  Either your own, or ones you can share with permission from the owner.

Here are a couple I've taken.

2012 Schatt & Morgan, Sowbelly pattern, stag handles.

2014 Tuna Valley, Scout pattern, burnt stag handles.

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I have one more of my Tuna Valley that I think turned out quite well.

Great picture Carl , it shows really well how they fit those blades in there !

Here is one of my favorite knives.  In fact probably my favorite knife.  My grandmother got it at the 1904 Worlds Fair in St. Louis.

Wow Charles, that certainly is amazing! I can't say I've ever seen one of those before.

Thanks Carl.  The knife being my grandmother's and over 110 years old makes it very special to me.

lionsteel big opera

That's nice Kees , definitely got to get an Opera soon , till then this is my No1

Very nice guys, great looking pictures.  I've been on a Tuna Valley kick lately. Here's another.

John Bamford said:

That's nice Kees , definitely got to get an Opera soon , till then this is my No1

quality stunner  john !!

Here are a few of my larger knives.


Terrell Hoffman has long had a recognizable style, & some of my favorites were done for Entrek, like this one.

And then there's Brian Griffin -- an excellent writer and photographer & designer (& iKC member!), & an all-around great guy, very respectable (though humble enough to dispute such a statement).  This particular photo collage is especially high on my list because I own the knife that was photographed (though it's no longer in such pristine condition).

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