Ok, I am over feeling sorry for myself about missing Blade Show for the first time in a decade #$&*&(&T^.  LOL, well maybe not quite.  Some of you know I always feel better when I am giving away something on here.

SOOOOOO, thanks to Mark Zaleski at Knife Magazine, let's give away his new electronic, online subscriptions!    We are going to make this easy...

  1. Go to the new website https://knifemagazine.com/ .
  2. Find something you LOVE about the new site
  3. Come back here and share IN THIS DISCUSSION what that was

That's as easy as I can make it, do those three (3) things and you are entered.  Contest runs 48 hours, Tuesday 6/11/2019 at 

12:13pm Eastern time the contest is over so go find your something, share it here and let's have some fun!

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If you are a current subscriber be sure to register on that site and enter the 100 knifes in 100 days giveaway!

Very logical and user friendly.

Access to great knife resources.

My favorite thing about the new web page is THE VAULT - digital versions of many knife resources. My favorite being the KNIFE magazine and KNIFE WORLD archived back issues. They are available back through 2005 currently, with plans of going all the way back to 1975!

Knife magazine archives!

Excellent site! And soooo many nice knives!!

Jan, I'm sorry you were prevented from getting to Blade!  I've never been myself, but had hopes when I was more involved in knife writing. Maybe again, someday -- & for you, I hope you'll get there next year!

As for the contest entry, I can say I have really been loving this about the Knifemagazine.com website:

1)  The focus on contemporary production knives

2)  Bringing humor into the mix

3)  Keeping up on the Knife Rights initiatives

4)  The imbedded videos!  (already watched my way through one, & this was my first time on the new site!)

5)  And who doesn't love a knife GAW -- not to mention 100 of them!  (That's a lot of give-aways to scroll through to get to substantive written & video content, but they'll figure it out.)

Congrats to Knife Magazine on the new website!


Love the 100 knives given away in 100 days, And the Blade Show coverage for those of us who could not be there, Excellent website, have it page marked for referencing some of my older unbranded knives! I need to spend more time here and on the Knife Magazine site! What's up with the Queen Public Auction, Are they going under again?

Thanks to Jan for the giveaway, and the opening my eyes on the knife magazine website!


Great website layout! User friendly.  

the first thing i saw was an add on the kephart ,wall lon humphrey came out with his version of the kephart now it seems like everyone else is jumping on board trying to say they have come up with there kephart, blade mag did a peace on lon humphrey but not knife so they are a little behind.just saying

Thank you for the GAW. Sorry you could not make it to Blade this year. 

Took a look at the Knifemagazine mobile website. Very simple layout & easy to navigate. I like that you can select your feeds that you want to see. 

Thanks again!

Love the variety, from sharpening to knife laws, to Blade Show coverage, great content! 

And out winner is Mr Jim Lites !

Jim please send me you address.

THANK YOU TO ALL THAT REPLIES, continue to enjoy the new Knife Magazine site.  The time invested there was well worth it from my perspective, it will be a very helpful resource

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