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Or found it again.  First time I lost it, I looked for it about a year and three years later, bought another one just like it.  Then, my Roomba ran for the first time and pushed the lost knife which was under a chest...I had never looked for it there.

Then, about 3 weeks ago, I lost it again.  Or misplaced it, which is about the same thing.  I looked all over for it.  Looked in my truck, all over the house, and finally, today found it in a box full of stuff.  I don't remember putting it there, but I was grateful to re-find it.  Now I have two.

Sorry about the big image.  I tried to make it smaller, but don't know how.

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See, thats' what I say...always have a spare.  Buying 2 of the same knife is just practical, well thats my story anyway

Exactly what Jan said, buying 2 of the same knife is practical! 

If 2 is 1 & 1 is none, well, then by definition if you're buying a knife you have to buy 2 of that knife for it to really count.  Right...?  :)

Fortunately (for my bank account) I haven't employed this policy.  Which has allowed the variety of my knife collection to be much greater -- but has also led me to using (& sometimes losing, or at least misplacing) some knives -- but adding so much to each knife's story.  I'd much rather use the Mora Bushcraft that a feather-sticking slip deposited the tip of said knife into the muscle right next to my knee than the Mora Bushcraft Black that I so coveted but then just simply haven't yet used.

And then someday I will use that Bushcraft Black, & give it preference over another unused knife in my collection...

Because it's the experiences with our knives that really makes me bond with them.  Now that found knife just has so much more character!  

Yo, hay... notorious spare hoarder here.

What makes it bad are the extra-spares, and the backup extra-spares.

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