Before I begin let me say it is not my intention to speak ill of any web site or person but rather I am only trying to share my general point of view from the perspective of a potential buyer. If your opinion differs that is great. I'd like to hear what you have to say. From the point of view from someone that has been burned, I have several concerns I wish to share


I been looking for knives on various web sites and came across a web site that I know nothing about   www.allaboutpocketknives.com   ( Ridgewood cutlerly ) I notice a couple things that I am leery about. First and foremost this site only accepts money orders. Forgive me but I have to ask but in this day and age of technology why not set up a system where people can either pay with credit card or pay pal?


The other things I see is there is no buyer feedback system and i like to read comments from other buyers. I also inquired as to what buyer protection this site offers and what is the return policy and at this time of this writing have no answer. I also asked that if I buy a knife and have a problem upon reciept of the product what are my options?...no answer. If indeed this place does have a good return policy I certainly see nothing on the site itself. I see no buyer protection. I see a couple of knives but there is little information posted such as date of manufacture. If you are a collector selling knives I understand you may not know the date of manufacture of the knife you have, but if that is the case why not add that to the write up and discription with the knife you are selling so buyers can see this up front? I for example feel better on e bay at least they make it known there  is some buyer protection. This maybe a dependable place to buy from. But looking at the site itself one would never know.

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We live in a day and age where modern electronic technology is at our disposal and you only accept money orders? I don't understand?

You don't offer info in your write up, only that the knife is in mint condition and ignore  e mail and offer no buyer protection? I don't understand ! You offer no buyer rating system or show no buyer feedback system and you want to call yourself a ligitimate seller?  I don't understand !

I will be honest. I have allot of crap around here I will sell you and I have no idea of the date or origin of manufacture but I will make this clear and state this upfront. Why don't you?


Looks like a fly-by-night operation to me.

To me Donald it is- know who you are doing biz with.
I agree Scott, and someone that can't respond to a customers e mail is NOT someone I want to do biz with.

Thanks for the heads up!


Allaboutpocketknives.com is a group of online cutlery stores that all advertise on that site. Some of the stores might be trust worthy and others not. Good advise...buyer beware.

I use the AAPK site for it's reference matl .. 'n have for a yr plus .. I have never purchased from there.


From the 1st response to the last .. you've  received the same advice .. know who you're dealing with .. and ..  buyer beware !!!!!!

Hi Donald,

I am familiar with the website you're speaking of. The website www.allaboutpocketknives.com is similar to this one. It is a knife enthusiast website with about 5,000 members, IIRC.

The store section of the site is a service that allows the members of AAPK to sell on the site with minimal fees. A lot of the AAPK members don't like online auction sites for various reasons. One reason is ebay forces everyone to use Paypal, with its additional fees. The store you mention, Ridgewood Cutlery, is owned by AAPK member "robinetn". I don't know Bob personally, but have bumped into him a few times in the chatroom section of AAPK.

You are correct. There is not really any "official" buyer protection when buying from one of the AAPK stores. I have made purchases from a few of the storefronts on the site - some via paypal, others by money order. I've never had a problem. But you do have some protection if paying with a P.O. money order.

Most any store or seller is only as good as their reputation, so if you have any question about a particular sellers reputation, don't hesitate to go on the forum section of AAPK and ask about any seller. I guarantee you will get the straight scoop!

I hope this helps. 

Here's a little more about the seller from his "about me" page:

"My name is Robert Roark (better known as Bob) . I have been collecting knives for 30 years +/- , but have only been selling for approximately 10 years . I maintain a knife shop in Trader's Village Vendor's Mall in Kingsport,Tn. on weekends when I am not attending gun & knife shows . I am a member of the NKCA , Case Collector's Club , and North East Tn. Knife Club . My most recent endeavor was to collaborate with Charlie Dorton for the development and sale of the "OLE JACK KRACK-A-JACK" cotton sampler which was produced for us by Great Eastern Cutlery ."

I dont know that I have ever bought anything from the AAPK stores.  I do know that I have purchased from a few of the dealers that have knives on that site.  I have met and dealt with Bob Andrews at Old Hundred Knives, honest and reputable.  I also know that Northwest Knife Company enjoys a great reputation.  I think it is all in the dealer you are purchasing from.  I know I would have a hard time purchasing from someone that offers online but did not return emails after a reasonable amount of time.
I have never had any problems on e bay
But sometimes I like to talk to the seller and ask questions about the item in question. If they can't be bothered to  answer my email I move on.

I use this site and ebay myself as well as four other online sites for sales. I have never had a problem with AAPK. I have more problems on this site than AAPK!

 realize that this is an old thread , but I feel compelled to reply since it is concerning my AAPK store . I have never received an email concerning knives that I haven't answered . I do have contact info through my AAPK site as well as my website "ridgewoodcutlery.com" . I suppose that I should be more explicit in my descriptions as to my terms , but all of my knives are offered with a 100% purchase price refund if not satisfied as long as the item is returned in the same condition as received . As to method of payment , I have my own reasons for not accepting paypal as do many other sellers . I know more sellers that have been scammed by buyers than I know buyers that have been scammed by sellers . I usually reserve my opinion of others until I know the facts , and not merely make statements based on suspicions .

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