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R.H. Ruana's & Ruana's also need 6254 Case Trapper with a muskrat blade USA era, OK 1965 to 1970 this will be a start
looking for a benchmade model 42
Have one what have you got
i need a busse nmsfno or anything from scrap yard knife co.
I need a RAT Cutlery (NOT ONTARIO) RC-6 lightly used ok, but I'd prefer new, NO SERRATIONS!
Those are some serious knives my friend.
Anyone have any experience with Gerber automatics?

I'm thinking about getting one an I would like to hear some opinions.
I'm in the market for a vintage Case Daddy Barlow.
i need a cattaraugus tool knife with alligator type jaws.
how vintage 70's , USA ,xx or older
I am looking for Mick Strider customs.... they are pretty cool. I have been running a couple down.
What'll ya give for the pearl and bone HBIC? :) I'd only part with them if you agree to give me first dibs if you ever want to sell them, like I have on HBIC folding bowie you have.

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