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So I'm thinking of taking a day trip to the Gowanda/ Cattaraugus area and I see there is a museum in Cattaraugus is there anything else up there knife related I should see? 

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The museum there is the American Museum of Cutlery. http://www.amcut.com/

9 Main Street; Cattaraugus, New York 14719.  Its hours are 1pm to 4pm Thursdays through Sundays.  It has been open since July 2005 and has been fully staffed by volunteers.   Patrick J. Cullen, the founding collector, can be reached at  AMCUT.ORG@gmail.com.

When we separated the knives from the National Knife Museum we donated quite a bit there.  Mr Cullen is an excellent person to ask what else you should see in the area. You are going to be within the The Magic Circle of Knives     and I am certain with even just a day trip you could see a few good sites.

Also you are pretty close, have you been to Great Eastern Cutlery?  They give tours if you stop by and it is an amazing throw back to how knives were made many years ago. 

Thanks! I'm going to have to get a hold of Mr. Cullen and see what he suggests. I have been to Great Eastern a few times, I'm only about 1/2 hour from them. I miss the old Queen factory tours they would give during Oil days in Titusville. That was a throw back to the way they used to make them years ago. They were more hands on than Great Eastern is. Still sad to see it go.

I agree Ashley, sad indeed!

Let us know where you go and what you see!  Please tell Mr Cullen I said hello

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