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This time of year I start thinking about getting away.  Whether it is just for a weekend or the GEC rendezvous with a week long time frame, when we get away it usually has to do with our love of knives. It is truly amazing, the number of things you can get away and do. 

Here are some ideas I have found.   Tell us what you would do if you could spend the ultimate vacation and celebrate this wonderful hobby. 

Although I have been to some of this area, given the means and time I would love to visit the site of each of those wonderful old knife names in the The Magic Circle of Knives .

Aside from knife shows which you can find in our events area on the front page, there is so much more that you and the family could enjoy!

Arkansas Made: History of the Bowie Knife
Learn about the 175-year history of the bowie knife or Arkansas Toothpick, Arkansas's most famous weapon. The story of Jim Bowie, as well as the history and art of bladesmithing are told in the museum's Knife Gallery.

Jim Bowie - history of bowie knife
Jim Bowie
The exhibit includes more than 100 historical and modern knives and is the official exhibit for the American Bladesmith Society. The knives are from the museum's permanent collection and on loan from knife makers and collectors. Representing the work of master craftspeople who created exquisite weapons, the knives are made with precious metals, gemstones, damascus steel, and intricate designs.

Arkansas and the History of the Bowie Knife
Arkansas was on the edge of the United States in the 1830s, and when Americans thought of a "rough and tumble" place where people might even pick their teeth with big knives, they thought of Arkansas. Washington, Arkansas, was the home of James Black, a blacksmith who became well known for the knives he made. Black's knives were copied by cutlers in Sheffield, England, and sold in America as the "Arkansas Toothpick." As early as 1835, the "Arkansas Toothpick" and the "Bowie Knife" were tied together as two terms used for the knives that were then popular.
A Knife for Jim Bowie
Jim Bowie became known for his ability to fight with knives after the "Sandbar Duel" in Mississippi in 1827. In this fight he used a knife which was given to him by his brother. According to many sources, James Black made a knife for Jim Bowie. Some people called this the first bowie knife, the first knife actually made for Jim Bowie. By the time Jim Bowie died at the Alamo in 1836, the term Bowie knife was established as the name for the knives popular at the time.
Bowie No. 1
The Historic Arkansas Museum acquired Bowie No. 1 several years ago through an auction of the collections of two prominent Texas knife collectors. Bowie No.1 is a knife well known in collecting circles as an important early bowie knife.
Bowie No. 1 - history of bowie knife
Although James Black did not put a maker's mark on his knives, curatorial analysis has determined that Bowie No. 1 was made by James Black.
Compare the Carrigan Knife, with an ownership history going straight back to James Black, and Bowie No.1. Was this the legendary knife that James Black made for Jim Bowie?
Historic knives show the variety of shapes and sizes of knives used in the South during the antebellum period for "defensive purposes." The Civil War became the last hurrah for the bowie knife, as Confederate soldiers, especially, armed themselves for battle. As the war progressed the knife proved of less value than rifles, bayonets, revolvers and the bowie knife lost its status as an important southern icon.
In the 1950s the bowie knife witnessed something of a revival, as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie were featured in books and movies. A poster from the Alan Ladd movie Iron Mistress is featured in this section of the exhibit.

The American Bladesmith Society (ABS) represents another aspect of the revival of interest in the bowie knife, as artisans preserve the art of the forged blade. The ABS Hall of Fame is a part of the museum's Knife Gallery, and the work of ABS bladesmiths is on display.
Please see our Historic Arkansas Museum knife collection.

We did a discussion on this years ago, so I was just wondering...have you been on a knife vacation or is there one in your future?

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Ha, I love it.

Does the Blade Show count?  Its three days with good friends and people, away from the daily grind of reality......=)

It certainly does! It is also one of the best places to convince your family to come along.  Being in ATL means they have things to do while you "knife" away a day!

Every place I go I look for knife shops, vendor stalls, etc. By now, anytime I start lingering someplace, my kids are like, "we're going to be here all day now! Dad's looking for knives again, Mom!"

LOL Paul ! Our son used to have the same reaction

It wasn't strictly a knife vacation but when we would get the family together and rent a cabin to spend a few days at Pigeon Forge, I would always spend as much time at SMKW as I could without the rest of the family going into mutiny mode.

Ha Ha Ha.  It never fails when we are on vacation, I typically look for some sort of knife shop or seller myself!

In fact, one of my kids recently asked about going up north to take a college tour next month, and what was my response?  

"Is there a knife show the same weekend?"

LOL, Bryan your killing me!  I know my grandchildren feel the same way when I ask them if they want to go somewhere for the weekend

There you go!  It does not have to be a knife themed vacation but we still find a way to go look at knives!

Charles Sample said:

It wasn't strictly a knife vacation but when we would get the family together and rent a cabin to spend a few days at Pigeon Forge, I would always spend as much time at SMKW as I could without the rest of the family going into mutiny mode.

?? . Who hasn't . ??

Used to plan a weekend vacation to attend the Greatest Knife Show on earth...in pigeon forge ....went the first part of december for many years then they started changing it to different weekends and starting on fridays...and that just does not work .............for working people.....so we drifted away.....and  with the passing of  Jim Parker that show slowly went down the tubes......since then have not planned a vacation around a knife show............Now we just short trips to 1-3 hour ones to go to knife shows............

Why of course....what other type of vacation is there?  LOL.  Our getaways are usually scheduled around Case knife events.  Jan I even met you at SMKW last year on my "vacation".  We are planning to go again this year in June.  My oldest son and I are the knife nuts in the family.  My wife and younger son go and do their own thing and leave us to our knife thing for 3 or 4 hours at SMKW....(strict budgeting limits apply.....LOL)

And of course what Smokey Mountain weekend would complete without a visit to Townsend Shopping Center to visit Cousin Jerry for some Moonshine and Pie !?!  Those of you who know what I mean should be smiling right now!


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