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Hello folks, thank you for the kind welcome.

A first post with a few questions which I hope is ok?

I've recently picked up 4 folding knives from a collector, 2 of which I think are really nice. I have some basic information about them but was looking to understand and know a little more.

Here's a few pics and what I know so far;

This first one is a stag handled folder made in Kelham Island Sheffield, its stamped Digby which I think is the US distributor for Graham Clayton, its also stamped with the number 15. It has what seem to be nickel silver bolsters, mirror polished brass liners and full length file work. 

The second knife is a push dagger, I believe this is by Fred James, also out of Sheffield. Its got a Buffalo horn handle and what I think is the original sheath. Its got an etched blade which says San Francisco.

I'd love to know a bit more about the history or indeed anything over and above what I've already penned. 

Many thanks and I hope I've posted in the right spot?


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As for the top knife, I would guess speaking to the maker might bring the best results. I believe Mr. Clayton is a member here using the name  Smiling-Knife. Drop him a line on the site, just need to do a friend request to do private messages. Hope that helps!

Hi Steve thats great thank you, I'll drop him a PM.

Graham Clayton has since retired from knifemaking, but was one of the last "little mesters" of Sheffield.  Beautiful knives he made, folders and fixed blades typically fileworked like yours.  You have a beautiful example.  I'll post some information I dug up on Mr. Clayton as well as one of his knives I purchased last year.  It needs to be properly "restored" but its an oversized folder that is amazing to see.  GORGEOUS knife you have there!

The FW James I'll need to do some digging on, but again another gorgeous knife!

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