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Hi guys, can you give me a hand? I found this in a flea market, I still have to clean it, very solid and with a very thick blade, what can you tell me about this knife?


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Hiya Alfonso

Could you post a few more photos, and provide some info on the knife?  Maker? Any obvious details?


Certainly, better pics of the tang stamp and any markings would be helpful.

Can't make out what's on the blade.

The only mark I can discern is the Bos flame, indicating that Tony Bos' company did the heat treat. 

It's hard not to think the knife might be Italian (Fox?  Maserin?  Lion Steel?  something else?) given the media in the background, but a photo of the other side of the blade should have the necessary information to identify the manufacturer.

It would also help to at least transcribe the writing on this side of the blade, too, if you can't get a better photo.

But I'd have to ask you, Alfonso, what are you hoping to learn from us here?  It's a contemporary tactical folder, complete with information stamped on the blade, so you know what the knife says it is.  Are you concerned that the knife might be a fake?  That would be my primary concern when I hear that a knife was purchased from a flea market, especially when I don't recognize the knife.  

I know little about this knife, some have a story, they were created for things or particular departments, I wanted to know if this knife had one if you know, I enclose closer pictures of the blade. Besides collating them, I like to know something about them if it is possible, and since it is an American knife, I was asking you. I hope I did not post in the wrong section if that were the case I apologize


Hi Alfonso

Your in the right spot - no problem!  I'm not familiar with this particular knife, 

Check out this link however, this should help!  Appears to be a Buck Mini Strider.  Nice.


Alfonso, you're totally in the right place, I just couldn't tell what you were hoping to learn about the knife.

Even better, you have Bryan here to get the specific name of the knife (& the photos were very helpful).  

I regret not buying one of the full sized Buck Striders when I had the chance, but I didn't have the $90 available.  I don't know anything about the Buck Striders other than that you likely got an incredible deal on that knife.

Hi Alfonso - 

Here's an article from 2004 on how the Buck Strider came to be. It also explains what a PUK knife is (Police Utility Knife), and gives a fairly decent review on the Buck-Strider Model 882 SBT. While the your knife may not be the model 882, you can get an overall feel for the quality of your knife. 

I hope this helps you in your quest of learning more...


thanks, it's the first time I see a knife intended for police use with a Tanto blade

Lars Ray said:

Hi Alfonso - 

Ecco un articolo dal 2004 in poi come il Buck Strider venuto essere. Si spiega anche ciò che un coltello è PUK (Polizia Taglierino), e dà una revisione abbastanza decente sul Buck-Strider Modello 882 SBT. Mentre il vostro coltello non può essere il modello 882, è possibile ottenere una sensazione generale per la qualità del vostro coltello. 

Spero che questo ti aiuta nella vostra ricerca di imparare di più ...


Agreed that is a nice find!

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