Hello all. I was left some knives, and I need help identifying some of them, as there are no markings on the blades. I'm brand new to this and I'm excited to get started. I have several that I will post separately.  I'm hoping you guys can help me. Thank you in advance. :)

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Hi Amy - and welcome iKC -  

I have looked at a couple of your posts and have just a couple suggestions.  Your pictures will get better with time, as all of the rest of us has had to deal with - but working on better pictures (framed more closely and better lighting) will go a long way to not only your enjoyment of the hobby but also the ability to better assist you with identification etc. 

Also - you can make your picture visible if you use the "visual mode" and click on the "image" icon (second from the left on the top of the post window). Then your pictures are visible to viewers of your post without additional clicks. 

I am going to try to embed one of your pictures into this post -

The knife pictured is some take on a folding hunter lockback. I don't think it is USA made, and having no markings it could be a custom handmade knife, but makers typically will put a mark on the blade to identify their work. This one appears to be an offshore made knife. Are you sure there are no markings on the blade tang at all? 

Once again - welcome to the forum and I hope someone can help you determine what you have. 



Also, is there an easier way to post pics from the mobile side? I had to go to the desktop view to even post any pics. Thanks again for your help.
Thank you for your help. I’ll look again to see if there are any markings that are way down or hidden. And thank you for embedding the images. I had to switch to desktop view to even post any pics.

HI Amy - my pleasure. I can't help with the mobile view as I always use a laptop with a big screen (eye issues) - so I am always in desktop mode. 

best regards - 

mqqn  (Andy)

Hi Amy,

I very rarely use mobile as our provider NING does not do a good job of that.  When I do, I use the desktop view

Hello, Amy, & welcome.

Learning how to photograph knives can actually be as fun as the knives themselves!  Autofocus & good lighting (along with some patience) go quite a long way -- & you can use this skill for so many things other than knives!

I can't help with the identification of this knife, unfortunately.  The monetary value is likely not nearly as high as the sentimental value (the lack of any maker's or manufacturer's mark is the main indication of this), so use, store, and care for accordingly.

I'm guessing that eventually you will find yourself the owner of a few (pricey) custom knives.  But not yet.  Until then, check out these brands:  

Cold Steel https://www.coldsteel.com/

Benchmade https://www.benchmade.com/

Spyderco https://www.spyderco.com/

TOPS Knives https://www.topsknives.com/

ESEE https://www.eseeknives.com/

And why not browse Arizona Custom Knives (a site that sells some pretty serious pieces from big names in the knife world, basically on consignment):  https://www.arizonacustomknives.com/

You've found one of the nicer forums -- as in, the people are much nicer than on many other forums (including certain admins on certain larger forums), but there are some other good ones, and some decent people on every site.  Anyway, welcome.

Hi Amy

close up photos would be best. Note also with customs, makers sometimes put their mark in different places, not always on the base of the blade. Look forward to seeing them!

Amy said:

Also, is there an easier way to post pics from the mobile side? I had to go to the desktop view to even post any pics. Thanks again for your help.
I almost always access iKC on my mobile, and always use the desktop view, Amy.  It's easier for me to navigate that way.

Tang markings, size of knife OPEN and Closed....carbon steel blades, or stainless steel. handle material, all are good things to note when trying to figure out what knife you have ...Just saying.

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