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Here is a knife I need help to identify, belongs to a young friend of mine. The knife's story is that his grandfather brought it back from WWII in Europe where it was supposedly found on the battlefield. It is a dagger-shaped 6" blade, (false edge on top), wooden handle and fits tightly into a nifty sheet metal sheath. There are no identifying marks of any kind on the knife or the sheath. The young man, (he is 17), knows I collect knives and asked me to research the knife, so I thought I would start here.

If anyone has any idea of where this knife may have come from please speak up

Jan, I know I am supposed to be sending you some files on Buck Knives that I have for the archives, I've been kinda busy the last few weeks, but will email that info to you soon.

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I am not even sure where to start looking for info on this, Syd. With the guard being different thicknesses, the grind lines look uneven, but not terrible, handle seems nice...I'd be more inclined to say it is a homemade knife? I'll keep my eyes peeled for anything similar.


I do believe what your young man may have is this one.  I hope this sparks a collecting gene in him :)

WWII German Luftwaffe Fighting Knife - The Third Reich issued a large number of edge weapons to the military and civilian organizations. somne of these blades were meant for combat while others were simply a status symbol. The high quality of construction and beautiful designs make these items desirable military collectibles. 

The fighting knife featured here was originally designed during WWI. It was widely employed in the trench warfare that took place during the conflict.


Excellent work Manx!

That was Jan, not me, Bryan. :-) I couldn't find it. LOL

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