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i flip open a griptillian and everyones all scared im gonna rob the store or something does anyone else have stories like this

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I carry my spyderco Endura sometimes and people will give me weird looks. But thats ok
...............i don't know! I walked into the supermarket and pulled out my bowie at the meat department and got a similar response. Come to think about it..I got the same response out in the parking lot and all the way into the store. In fact..I swear there were a bunch of people dialing up their cell phones!! Moral of the story: " there's a place for everything"..if something is out of place, don't expect the "normal" reaction" There's an old adage that I try to follow: " Respect people's fears and you give them nothing to fear"
I've had to explain to most of the people I work with that to me a knife is a tool before a weapon. Especially a single edged drop point folder. Lol. In the beginning they were like "OMG Y U HAZ KNIFE?!?!?!?!". Now they don't even notice it cause they're used to it. Even got one guy interested in carrying a knife! However, somehow he got dead set on getting an expensive benchmade, which he can't afford. So he's still without a blade, and he won't listen to me that he doesn't need to drop 150- 200 bucks to get a good EDC knife. Lol. :/
What's a minimanager? Never heard of that knife.
Maybe we should try to carry an iPhone and pull it out first when we are going to take out our knives. iPhone, then knife.

Im thinking that as long as we have something very yeahoo'ish and preppy, then the knife should be okay.
yeah all my friends are like that they ask me what i have clipped to my pocket and i tell them its a knife and all of a sudden they think i go around stabbing people. i even had some people look at me weird for carying a swiss army knife!
Mae West said it best 75 years ago —

"Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

It's my knife, Mae.
yeah I work in retail so people get freaked out easy possiably because i was pulling out a cold steel scimitar...lol talk about tatical. needless to say my manager got some complaints about the associates carrying weapons at work and we all got in trouble so i now carry a kershaw Oso sweet and a Swiss Army knife tinker to work but i always have a cold steel folder and some sort of fixed blade in my car.
the worst time was i work at a summer camp, and i do alot of the boat maitnence and whatnot around the camp and i just had a cheapo buck folder and the one time i had to pull it out in front of people most of them freaked because of how "big" it was. Now i've grown up with knives all my life and i just wasn't even thinking that a 2.5 in blade was big but whatever. I just made sure i didn't pull out my coldsteel AK-47. any suggestions of another good edc knife i can have with me up at this camp? I learned the first week not to take any high dollar knives up there cause i lost 3 knives to the lake this past summer.
If I know that pulling out my normal edc might raise eyebrows, I just pull out my keys and use one of my little knives on there.
On the other side of things, I live in a house with six women and have for over six months. I can walk around the house with a fixed blade on my belt for fun and they don't even bat an eye anymore. I can also just walk around flipping open a knife and they don't even cast a glance.
You guys would get a kick outta me.I am like a walking knife rights exhibitionist.I always have a fixed blade visibly showing unless I am in a bar/official building.I carry a tactical folder if not a fixed.Yes some may raise the brow when I pull a blade out for use,but I am clearly using it as a tool.I use my edc to cut food and eat with,and other multiple functions.I try not to draw attention,but if the sheple dont accept it, well, I am only using my 2nd constitutional AMERiCAN Right!Have a knife day!
The Spydie is'nt a small knife,and I know what reactions come from -them- very well.I carry a sheapfriendly blade as well as a larger knife.I put my fixed blade in my pack if riding to town...usually.The small knife I have used frequently among public at large is a lil Spyderco Honey Bee.I wear it as a necklace and it has proved to be fully functional.Its a mini police style folder.Even the sheeple say "oh what a cute little knife"

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