We're glad to have you in the iKC Community. To get the most out of it, we suggest you do the following:

1. Make your "My Page"...Your page- Here's how: Add a profile pic, tell us about your interests, are you on Facebook or YouTube? What knives do you collect and for how long? Why did you join iKC?

2. Introduce Yourself- In our Forum we have a discussion started  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/categories/new-members-discuss...    Stop by and tell us a little about yourself. Its a great spot to 'break the ice' and get on with becoming a full fledged member of iKC.

3. Join an iKC Group- While iKC is a community of all knife collectors, our Groups are mini-communities for special interests. Check out the groups, join one that interests you, and start connecting with like-minded folks. In a Group you can post discussions and pictures, even like existing ones.

4. Start a Blog- Each iKC member has a blog account. Take advantage of yours. Our blogs are intended for informational purposes that benefit our community, like a type of knife you collect, knife things you are passionate about, collection trends, etc. remember you are reaching into a Community of Collectors and others involved in the hobby. Make it important enough to be read.

5. Upload pics of your favorite knife. This is also done on your "My Page" Then create an album for them. It's like pulling out your wallet to show off your kids.

If you have questions about using our community, check the Member Help menu. Still stumped, PM me, I'll help.

Relax and enjoy iKC. There is a lot to see and do and your contributions are needed and appreciated.

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Good tips Hog! Or are you Dr. Steve now? Why didn't you have those tips when I joined? 

Actually you did pretty good just navigating on your own!  But I am glad you like them.Please add anything that I might have missed, its all important!

Craig Henry said:

Good tips Hog! Or are you Dr. Steve now? Why didn't you have those tips when I joined? 

Yeah, I did pretty good considering I'm getting old and crotchety! 

Just pulling your leg. I known far and wide for pulling legs! LOL!

Seriously, I can't think of anything to add, I think you pretty much covered it very well.

Hi All,

Thought I would introduce myself. I am a maker of both folders as well as fixed blade knives. Do I collect yes I do. Mostly German and Italian Stag handle Switch Blades. Key word here is Stag. Ill post a picture You can figure them out, 2 shelves are SB's the rest just nice stag. Top shelf as exceptional Ka-bar stag. I have been making knives for 12 years supported myself for the last 8 or so doing it. Put my dues in now people search me out. This year we started on Friction folders made from exotic woods Mammoth and Mastodon thoroughly enjoying it. My work is m own I do all parts of it. Well almost can't hammer anymore joints can't handle it so it is stock removal cpm 154 cm , SR 30 &35 V , AEB-L all stainless all hi end. I will start posting pictures. I always enjoy feedback good bad , its all good. Nice to be here........ home. Ken


Looking great, Kenneth! By the way, at the top left corner of the text window when you post is a small "Image" icon. If you want to add photos to your post, click that icon and follow the steps. That will post it for all to see, instead of a filename at the bottom. :-) Hope you enjoy the site!

I'm in love with the friction folders.

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