Why can't I see more than the last five comments in any given thread, even after clicking the "Load Previous Comments"?
Most of the threads I am interested in have far more than five comments.

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Hard to say, Steve, without knowing what device and browser you're using.
I'm guessing that you're using a phone and viewing us in the mobile view...
I personally prefer the desktop view. Go to the site menu and select desktop view and see if that helps.
Tried that. No difference.


Can you tell me what device and what browser?  That way I can try to diagnose it

Android "smart" phone, FireFox browser.
I have not been to the library to see if my tablet (Windows RT opsys) and/or laptop will show more.

I use Chrome on my phone and I seem to be able to see all comments. However, if the topic has more than 5 or so coments, it will start a new page of comments. At the bottom of the page under the text box is the list of pages in that topic. Hope that helps!

I've looked for a next page button or tab, top and bottom. Nothing there.
I guess I'll just wait until I can get over to the library. Who knows? I might even be able to post some pictures then, too. :-)


I've checked out numerous browsers, over the years, and found that Firefox has issues with NING, our site hoast.

While I'm on it now, it doesn't give me the ability to interact with iKC, like other browsers.

One particular issue is the ability to post pics within a post.

I redownload Firefox and verified the issue, however, here's the screenshot to the menu drop-down on how to get the desktop view, followed by what it should look like.

Also tried to post photos to the gallery, using Firefox.  It wouldn't complete the process.

My only suggestion, at this point, is to try a different browser, unless you can come up with a workaround.

Like I posted, earlier, Chrome, Puffin, and Opera Mini, work well, for me.

If I did not have SOooo MANY links to websites that are important to me on this phone, (including this one) I would change browsers. Unfortunately, it seems Chrome and FireFox (and the others, for all I know) think a LINK is an APP and they don't cross over anymore.
60 odd links to copy down, go to, reinstall the link, and organize ... too much work. I'll wait until I can use my laptop at the library or somewhere else with WiFi.
Understandable... however you could download Opera or Puffin, as each have smaller footprints than Chrome, and slowly migrate your links from Firefox.
Just a thought.


I apologize.  NING is not friendly with all browsers.  Since I am on my desktop 99% of the time, JJ and Manx check out the browers and types of devices more frequently than I do and I would trust their advise (more than mine).

No problem, Jan. Like I said, I'll just wait until I can get over to the library and use my laptop. I use whatever it is MS calls their "latest and greatest" browser now, on it. :-)
I'm sure the older posts will still be here when I get to the library. :-)

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